Hopes for better future

If you look at the analysis it becomes clear that there is a big downhill in the gold world, and that is coming from all over the world. The new players are fewer and fewer every year, the pitches around the world go ruined, forgotten and rarely who builds a new one, and there are almost no new golf academies across the globe. Something had to be done for the game, and we probably have the right weapon here.

Despite the downfalls, the announcement that golf will be a part of the Olympic games, things might turn out to be just as good as they were 15 years ago, speaks the main sponsor of golf HSDS. Giles Morgan and his company are continuing with the investments and doing everything in their power to bring the sport to the level that it was just decade and a half ago, where there were more than double people interested of playing it.

It is a common question heard the last five years, and the answer is yes – more and more people take cycling than golf, and more golfers replace their golf kit with two wheels and journey around the country. In the survey that happened in Great Britain more than 2 million players since April 2013 to April 2014 took the wells and something around 710 400 people took the golf kits and hit the court. The golf people has downgraded for around 200 000 in the last eight years where cycling gained around 250 000 in the last year alone. This does not count people who are going to work on their bikes, but people who professionally have taken this sport.

In the last 24 months the same survey says that golfers who took golf as their first sport failed to find any interest to the game and swapped it with bikes – it is around 20% of people who have done that in search of a more active sport. Around 10 percent of the people swapped to swimming as well.

Nobody knows why this is the case with modern golfers and cyclers. Maybe it is the lack of action and satisfaction that the golf can or cannot offer. Or maybe it’s the lack of activity or competitors that can take you to a whole new level trying to beat them. It most certainly isn’t the lack of prize money, as it is one of the most expensive sports on the planet that rang along with football and tennis. Maybe it is something that the cycling can offer but you first have to get bored from the one to go to the other.

The lack of advertising the calm and cool game may be one of the reasons why people take cycling more than golf, and maybe it’s the same reason that they enjoy swimming more than golf as well.

One thing is sure, if the pace doesn’t change we might see few golfers as the year passes by and the sport might eventually die. Let’s hope that this will never happen, as I am sure they will find a way to fix it.