Hooked Casino Game Review

Hooked Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Hooked Casino Game Review

Hooked is the new slot game of the Booming Games which released in 2020 for getting gamblers of the casino from the market. The game is composed of the theme of fishes and some charming fishes in the slot. All the features in the slot and graphics with the symbols, reels, betting range, lines, -payouts and multipliers enhanced the quality of the game at casino stations or online users of gambling all over the world. The review of the Hooked casino game will give you all the authentic information about the new invention of the Booming Games.

Hooked Games can be played and download with the help of the smartphone to enjoy it anywhere in the global village. Here are the functions and features of the game.


Having 5 reels and 25 pay-lines in the slot to give the payout of 1000x to the gamblers which are equal to the $500,000 but the lower amount of the RTP which is just 95% will cause to decrease the traffic of the users of casino. But, the features of the free spins, rounds, multipliers, and wilds must be in favor of the gambler if they remained in the trouble during the gameplay. Progressive Jackpot and Return to The Player are the two main keys for the players of casino in any slot. Here is the detail of the Payouts and Betting.

Betting Range and Payouts

Having all the 25 lines in the slot, the overall range of the betting is between the $0.25 to the $500 which too impressive and the per line bet option is among the only $0.01 to the $20 for all the lower investor in the casino slot.

On the other hand, the payout fixed for the player is an average type with the 1000x but the other features present in the slot with the symbols of highly paid can decrease the tension of the low payout by the makers of the game. Unluckily, the RTP which is the most critical part of all the type is also too low with 95%.

How to Play

Having all the required symbols and functions in the slot, the only symbols which will do all the work for the players is the location of the wilds, it make the pairs and combinations for the users and also used for the alternate any time. With the regular symbols, it could make the winning pairs for the gambler to get a handsome amount of the payout.

The other key symbol in the slot is the appearances of the fish which can land any time of the reel to show high 3 types of the reels. Due to this option, you can go for a high price from the makers of the game. To get the highest prize from the slot, you must collect the 15 symbols for it.

In the last part of the gameplay, the scatter in the slot would be used to get extra 15 free spins to alternate 5 at the same time. So, these free spins in the form of the fish’s will l turned into the 1000x payout.

The method of the game for the Hooked is only being useful before to play the game, the exact experience could be gain by playing the slot physically.


The theme of the Hooked game is based on the fishes in the ocean and with the various symbols of lures in the slot. The different locations of the fishes in the water and the graphics of charming type made the game very beautiful for the wagers of the casino. Some of the artificial looks of the symbols are also enhanced the quality of the game. The symbols of wilds, logos, and own features would be enough to catch the players from the online market of the casino.


The slot is very attractive from the outside with the presence of the fishes of different colors and graphics but in the inner part, it could create problems for the players due the lowers RTP and the Payout also.

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