Home-court advantage

Home-court advantage

Now there is not so much of Home-court advantage in Basketball

Do you remember the thriller act in Basketball on December? An immediate typical, broad with big men beating buzzer-beating for each team as 3s, 3 pts experts is coming as big at suitable times and one unbelievable make after another. Before Memphis triumphed 117-116, it took 3 overtime for to create an unusual scene. A grand celebration of hugging, screaming, drinking and grizzlies not before 20,000 fans but in front of bewildered and stunned spurs supporters bearing home depressed. Since this game played in San Antonio.

It is not a secret that most NBA games are wins by home teams, because home teams earn more playoff advantages in home-court. Home court is always valuable. This month earlier, guru of statistics Dr. Steve Ilardi alerted that to this peculiar trend and we have followed it ever since.

Winning of Memphis was not a fluke. This season, the whispered home crowd is fetching a thing. All over the place home squads are losing their matches, including last Tuesday night they lost all of their six games. Take a glance at the footing by teams win-loss record, the Bulls, Nets, Pistons, Mavericks, Heat, Rockets, Timberwolves, Bucks, 76ers and Magic are all performing good on the road when compared with home. In fact, this session home teams have one just 53.7% of their entire game which is the lowest percentage in the history of NBA. And it is even not close too.

While asking to Darly Morey, General Manager of Rockets, regarding the minimizing of home-court advantage he says that, he was on panel with a fairer game which doesn’t spot natural advantages for either side. In a phone interview to ESPN.com Morey says that, for the league, the nearer the game, the better.

The home team winning percentage was 68.5% in the year 1976-77 where as it was 62.8% in 2002-03. There exist a steadily fallen of home team’s winning percentage over the last four seasons from 61.2% to 53.7% right now. In the past two years, advantage of home court has segmented by almost a third (28.5%), this represents the NBA history’s largest two-year drop. From a point’s outlook, this season the home teams are having only 2.2% advantage. We have never seen this type of percentage in the history of NBA.

This conceded over in to the postseason also. Last payoffs, the home team dragging out the victory in 56.2% of the game. When compared with historical playoff average (that hovers around 65%) this would be significantly lower. In last postseason, the home team had just 2.8 pts which is down from 4.0 pts in 2012-13 and 4.7 pts in 2011-12.On 2007-08, home playoff team had 8.1 pts edge and of all their games they won 74.4%. Home teams are more often losing in close games while in clutch games home teams won just 47.7% of 354 games. 10 teams are maintaining good record on road than home. Yes, in the history of NBA it is the first time that more than half close and late games are won not by home teams.