Hit the Ball to Score Run

Hit the Ball to Score Run

Cricket is the most popular outdoor game. Cricket is also called as bat and ball game. In early 16th century, cricket was established in England. The cricket game was become popular in 1963 around the world. Cricket is played at the centre of the ground. The centre of the ground is called pitch. Pitch is 22 yards long and 10 feet wide. The surface of the pitch is flat and normal. The important requirement for playing cricket is bat and ball. The cricket is also called as bat and ball game. Hence cricket is played by hitting the ball with the bat. Cricket is played between two teams. There will be 11 players in each team. The match starts by coin tossing. The coin tossing is done between the captains of the team. The winner of coin tossing must select either bating or bowling. The important requirement for playing cricket is stumps, bail and crease. Stumps are the wooden vertical line and are connected by three horizontal bails. The stumps are place at the ends of the pitch. If the ball hit the stumps then the current batsman will be out. Crease is the four white line marked on the pitch.

Crease is called batsman safe territory. The four crease line is popping crease, bowling crease and two return creases. There will be 13 players on the ground they are 11 fielders and two batsmen. The umpire plays important role. There will be two umpires one who stands behind the batsman and other one at the side called square leg. The umpire decides whether the batsman is out and the bowler bowling the ball correctly without crossing the crease line. The third umpire is the person behind the play watches the game and helps the umpire in critical situation. Over is to decide how many balls a batman can play. In each over the batman can play with 6 balls. In one day match will be 50 over. In twenty – twenty matches there will 20 over. For no ball, wide, bye and leg bye there will be extra score. The match ends when the batsman is caught by the fielders or at the end of over.

The cricket world cup is organized by International Cricket Council (ICC) and played at every four years. The first world cup is held in England at 1975. After four years the world cup is organized in 2015 which is the latest news of cricket. The world cup is between two countries of 50 over that is one day match. The winner of the match goes to next level. Trophy is the award for the winner. The trophy is designed in London and the current trophy is made up of silver and as golden globe. The most run scored player in world cup cricket is Indian player Sachin Tendulkar. Most wickets taken in world cup cricket are bowler Glenn McGrath who is England player. The world cup cricket match is viewed all over the world hence media play the vital role and updates the current news.

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