History repeats itself

History repeats itself

History repeats itself when it comes to betting

The Academy is also cast with highest average goals conceded among the most important: 1,92, since they scored five in the Cup and 20 in the championship. A clear sign of Sava style, both nerve generates the fans. Racing watch a game today is a guarantee of performance.

On the opposite end Boca , which in the transition from Aruabarrena to Barros Schelotto has suffered mainly by the offensive inefficiency . No wonder the great debate in the Xeneize happens in these times if Tevez should be net centrodelantero, so painful injuries Osvaldo, by the need for a 9 area. Just 14 goals scored in 13 official matches , an average high thanks to Bolivar 3-1 Thursday.

Offensive crisis, Boca straightened its course in the Cup when goals were. (Fotobaires)

Offensive crisis, Boca straightened its course in the Cup when goals were. (Fotobaires)

That ‘s right: the two tournaments to Boca just made him 8 goals , making the arc xeneize one of the least milkshakes (0,61 goal per game) among Argentine casts. Is the business of Boca passes through the defensive security? Not at all. His way in Group 3 of the Libertadores recently cleared its first win. And the tournament is 8 points behind in your area.

We also noticed that the teams do not play the Libertadores. Dif- including Defense and Justice (19), Godoy Cruz (18) and Lanus (17). The Falcon Ariel Holan suffers imbalance Racing Sava (he made 11 goals to those of Florencio Varela). But Tomba Sebastian Mendez (9 goals against) and especially the Garnet Jorge Almiron (just 5, and the best average with 0.55 per game) are leaders in their respective areas.

Rosario Central Coudet, another betting on the attack. (Fotobaires)

Rosario Central Coudet, another betting on the attack. (Fotobaires)

These are the teams that have more goals:

Racing: 32 (10 in Cup, 22 in the tournament).

River: 27 ( 12 and 15)

Rosario Central: 26 (11 and 15)

Huracan: 20 (7 and 13)

(Those who only play in the local tournament):

Defense and Justice: 19

Godoy Cruz: 18

Lanus: 17

The trend marked the World Cup Brazil 2014, which raised the average global goal . The ecumenical event, so, again the scenario in which international football look, analyzed and displayed in their diagnosis.

If before World television globalization were the exposure of national styles, now mark where it goes international game mode, not motorized and local styles but by the big teams and the most successful coaches.

And the trend, then, is clear: we must attack . Privileging the search arch rival. Even if that generate imbalance . It is known: the theory of short blanket. But coaches mostly seem willing to take the riesg or, convinced that the best defense is attack. Ultimately wins makes more goals than the opponent. It is 1-0 or 5-4.