History of Bat And Ball Outdoor Game

History of Bat And Ball Outdoor Game

Games are necessary to relax ourselves from our daily work pressure. Games may be indoor or outdoor games. Indoor games are the one which will be played inside our home. Outdoor games are the one which will be played in ground or simply outside the home. Cricket is one of the outdoor games. It is commonly known as bat and ball game. Bat and ball are the important entities of cricket game. Cricket will be a team of 11 players. The game will be between 2 teams. One team has to bat and the other team has to field. Both teams will be allowed to batting and fielding.

The runs may be 1, 2, 4 and 6 scored by the batting team depending upon the ball crossing the boundaries. Before playing this cricket game both the lead captains put a toss. Those who won the toss will get the batting or fielding depending upon the team captain asked for. There are so many varieties of matches like 20 – 20 match, one day match etc. In case of 20 – 20 matches the team is given as 20 over’s to play. Each over will be having 6 balls. Hence each team will get 120 balls from the opposite team for the overall game. The runs will be calculated for the batting team for the entire 20 over’s. The opposite team should score at least one runs more to gain victory.

The most important aspect of this cricket game is the wicket. The wicket refers to the person who got out from the batsman team. There will be a wooden stump in the field. It will be three stumps placed parallel to each other on the ground. Once the bowlers deliver the ball, if the batsman hits the ball and that ball touches the stump, it will be a wicket out. The fielders in the team play a key role in the team. Mostly the victory of the game will be decided by the proper skilled fielders. The bowler bowls the ball, the batsman hits the ball, and the fielders run and catch the ball without crossing the boundaries. It will reduce the runs for the opposite team. In general the cricket will be played at the middle of the twenty two yard length which is rectangular in shape.

Cricket was first originated in England. Cricket is the national game for the England people. Later on it got expanded to various countries. Now a day’s cricket became the part of each and every country’s list. Cricket has become one among the professional games. The game rules are taken care by International Cricket Council. It is popularly called as ICC which will take care of all rules, regulations, and laws for the match to be played across the countries. Apart from the games played across the countries, the cricket is played within each country also. With respect to a country there may be match between the different states across the country. Even within a particular state there will be a competition among the various districts within the particular state.

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