Helper syndrome Star action at Betway Casino

Helper syndrome Star action at Betway Casino

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Gambling
Betway Casino

Betway Casino has opened the Christmas season. Unfortunately this has not started so well for the Christmas tree star Cosmo. For the Christmas star has fallen from the top of the pine tree and must now move back painfully there. You can help the little sweet yellow star but also by the way also some great prizes. This makes Christmas at the star-action at Betway Casino particularly then.

Cosmo climbs slowly upwards

Watch as the little star Cosmo slowly climbs back to the top of the Christmas tree during the star action at Betway Casino. The first step Cosmo has already made with the help of the little red toy soldier. And now it’s your turn to help him. Two more contests are there to help Cosmo reach the top of the tree. And in the two remaining competitions, you can of course also reward your efforts. For each ten-euro wagered, you collect five levels to climb up the ranking list and watch Cosmo getting higher and higher. It goes without saying that only bets are counted for collecting points, which also consist of real money and not from bonuses that have not yet been converted.

Two competitions promise a lot of fun

From 19 December at 00.00 (GTM) to 22 December at 23.59 (GTM) you can have a lot of fun and win great prizes. Simply play at the Betway Casino and you can already earn points. Twice there is a duffle bag of Ralph Lauren worth € 549 for the best two players. On the seats three, four and five, there are then each cable headphones from B & O worth 499 euros each and in the seats six to ten, RayBan aviator sunglasses still worth 196 euros each.

On 23rd December, the final competition starts at 00.00 (GTM), which will be open until 27th of December at 23.59 (GTM). In this competition, the best player wins an Apple Watch 2 worth 566 euros. The second and third place players get an Apple iPad Air 64 GB worth 220 euros. And on the seats four to eight, an iPod Nano worth 137 euros will be waiting for the five winners.

By the way, you can pay off for the money if you make a deposit during the competitions. For a point balance the player wins the better position in the rank list, who has paid the most money during the star action. It can be equally worthwhile for you to start with a well-filled account in the Casino vergnugen the star action.

There is also a New Year raffle

Everyone who participates in the star action and helps Cosmo climb up the Christmas tree also automatically takes part in the New Year raffle. In this draw, of course, once again gifts await you when you are drawn. Betway Casino is still secret, however, to win. After all, anticipation for a surprise is the greatest joy. And a bit of nerve kitzel cannot hurt.

Prices can also be paid in cash

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned conditions, the general terms and conditions of Betway Casino apply. And it is self-evident that you can only participate in the Star Action if you have an account at Betway Casino. But you will find everything exactly in the Betway Casino at the star action explained. But one thing has certainly done very well. In the case of a profit, you can also have it paid out in cash. And this is certainly quite brilliant, especially if you want to get some credit on the Casinokonto.

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