Heidi Goes Wild Slot Review

Heidi Goes Wild Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Heidi Goes Wild Slot Review

Heidi Goes Wild has all the functions and features which must be in a unique slot of gambling. Due to the presence of pandemic, the innovation of this game had late. Now it is available in the market. Heidi Goes Wild will give you all the related information to unlock the functions. There are decent graphics, symbols, multipliers, stacks, and the role of title produce a rhythm to players for getting maximum rewards.

Heidi Goes wild can use as online in the entire world because of having options of smartphone and PC. People liked to play a casino game at home rather than to go to the market. Online betting took the place of offline due to the presence of COVID-19.

Functions of Slot

There are only five reels as usual in the other games, but the area of the slot is also low with ten lines to cover. On the other hands, the highest volatility and RTP figures decrease some pressure over the gamblers. The role of Heidi Wilds, free spins, multipliers, sticky symbols and scatter symbol will release the much better result for the player. You have to remain calm during all the working of the game. Here is the range betting to unlock all the functions.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting is very crucial in all slot of the casino. Moreover, the newbies must stay away from complicated games of the casino due to having more risk than the lower profile slots. The range of betting is available at the lower side of the screen. In the niche of Heidi Goes Wilds, the betting range starting from only $0.20 to the maximum of $20. Furthermore, in the absence of progressive jackpot and the presence of free spins, trigger features, and other hidden option in the slot increased the rewards for us. Here is the method to play the slot of Heidi Goes Wilds.

How to Play Heidi Goes Wild?

The role of Heidi Wilds in the entire gameplay is beneficial for us. All the combos and pairs can make with the help it. Furthermore, you have an option to change the symbols from the lower value to higher ones for getting the required result. Free spins and regular symbols released a lot of free rounds for a player.

In the 2nd stage of the game, scatter symbols needed to get more work. If you want to get further fifteen free spins, then pick the spread from anywhere. These symbols will be sticky until you find a reasonable result through playing a game. You will be happy to know that there are more two free spins for you. Two symbols of Heidi must be on the reels to get two multipliers. All these working relied on the scatters symbols. One thing takes into account that we cannot leave the scatter and wilds in any slot casino. Only one multiplier will play a role to get combinations on the reels, which leads draw all the hidden and outer rewards.

At the last stage of the game, a bonus will wait for the player, if he did well in the gameplay. It is not a complicated thing as you can quickly draw prizes through it. Online betting is an easy way to produce rewards by staying at home. Here is the theme of Heidi Goes Wild Slot.

The Theme of Slot

The theme of the slot is beautiful by watching. You can see Bavarian Tavern in the images on the subject among the barrels of beers. All the reels and symbols will start to match in the area of the game. Here are the main logos of Beer, Stein Scatters, Kegs and Hans lifted the game upwards. I have never seen such a theme in the past. Overall, it will give a decent result to the players.


The slot of Heidi Goes Wilds has huge payout and reward after the end of gameplay. All the inputs like the multipliers, volatility, RTP, symbols, title, the role of wilds and other free spins will favor the users while playing it. If you do not have any experience of gambling, you must stay away from this slot.

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