He tries to bet £100 that the Earth is flat but all the bookmakers refuse

He tries to bet £100 that the Earth is flat but all the bookmakers refuse

A Briton by the name of Gerrard Gallacher is furious after trying to bookmakers many bet that the Earth is flat and not round as the scientific world attests for centuries. While the bet seems to be easy money for bookies, none has accepted, even as some accept bets like the fact that Elvis can return from the realm of the dead someday.

Wacky bet = easy money?

According to the man, this bold gamble could cost bookmakers millions of dollars. It is also, according to him, the reason why the bet was refused each time.

The Daily Mirror has treated this wacky information not long ago. Gerrard Gallacher would have been interested in the theory of Flat Earth a few years ago and would have gathered information on this controversial theory. More recently, he has contacted several bookmakers to try to bet £ 100 on this event.

All refused.

” I think the reason they do not accept the bet is that they know I’m right, and if other people make the same bet, it could cost them millions. But even if I’m wrong and the Earth is round, why not let me make that bet? It’s easy money for them. Says the bettor.

He has tried with Bet365, Paddy Power (who is however used to the most crazy and controversial paris), William or SkyBet. The latter is also the only one to have almost accepted his request.

What particularly annoys this bettor is that bookmakers are indeed known to take paris sometimes very crazy. It is especially possible to put a note on the fact that Elvis comes back to life. The bettor can also bet that his son is part of the Celtics football team in 20 years and scores three goals in a single game.

But bet on Flat Earth, no question.