Happy Riches Casino Game Review

Happy Riches Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Happy Riches Casino Game Review

Happy Riches casino game designed by the NetEnt is set to release in Feb 2020 which added some of the functions of the past games. The Happy Riches slot made for the Asian gambler with all the symbols which are required for that. The graphics and the reel behavior would be interesting for the users. The review of the game of Happy Riches will give you pre detail information about the reels, lines, payouts, multipliers, free spins, rounds, stacks, and bonus as well.

The Happy Riches casino game can be played through the mobile phone after downloading the software and application. This new slot by the company to begin the new year of 2020 will bring some source of fun for the players.


The main functions in the slot of Happy Riches are 5 reels and 30 active pay-lines to produce the winning amount of the 5,000x with the 3x multipliers from the free spin option. The RTP of the game is up to 96.32% which shows that there is not any problem for all the players to sit on the seat of the casino.

Betting Range and Payout

All the given 30 lines of pay, the bet per spin started from the $0.30 and you can alter this with time while you are playing the game. The maximum range of betting ended with the $75 which is too impressive for the wagers. This input can help you to draw the payout of a different kind. Some of the payout amount fixed by the makers of the game and others will come through the multipliers and free spins.

The payout as per line begins from the 166x but overall the final amount composed of the 5000x. This new slot is part of the high payout game but for this, you must play it well while doing work. High cash from the casino upcoming slot can be obtained by getting experience before to play.

How to Play

There are the mega features in the introduction of the Flowers are the part of the Happy Riches casino game which double the position of the cash in the slot. But, it relies on the given location of the two inside the slot. From all the symbols, you needed up to the 10 symbols for winning pairs and combinations.

The Golden Dragon symbols which are available in the game played a huge role for the player like wilds symbols. It is the only which can be used as alternate for the gambler to win up to the stack of 166x per line.

The final symbol which is the last hope for the wagers is the presence of the scatter symbol which is used to draw the free spin which always increased the amount of the payout to 2 times. You have to collect 4 to 8 symbols of these kinds for getting 10 to the thirty free spins from the game. If you wish to avail more than it, then you must wait for the stacked will options to get some easy way on the reels. For the entire mode, 3x multipliers must be needed. One thing noticed that our review only gives the pre-information of the slot working.


The theme of the game based on the Asian market but made for the Eastern Player which is not surprised for the players. Some of the elements in the slot are of Chinese cultures like the graphics and the symbols of the oranges, lanterns, fish, paper, and Dragon of Golden. Overall, this lot has done all the pre-work for a good result in the casino market in 2020. Some of the experts also said that the 2020 year is best than the last year due to the more interest of people in the casino.


It is an interesting game with the Flowers in the slot and the Asian type symbols. All the necessary part is added by the designer of the game which always needed for gaining the users from the market.

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