Hainan Ice Casino Game Review

Hainan Ice Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Hainan Ice Casino Game Review

Hainan Ice Casino game is the upcoming product of the Playtech which is scheduled to release in March 2020 for all the casino points. You can play it online by doing betting with the smartphone or at the casino stations. The Review of the Hainan Ice casino game is consisted of the reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, stacks, betting range and all the necessary parts for the users. The theme of the game is full of fruits with the various options of the symbols and functions.

Hainan Ice casino game is best to play online because it is made as per the rules of the mobile. The players of the casino who wanted to enjoy it at home have a chance to groom them in a few days of March 2020. Here is the complete detailed information of all the main functions of the slot.

Functions in the Hainan Ice Casino Game

There are 5 reels in the slot with the basic 25 pay –lines but till the end of the game, these lower lines will be shifted to the 243 maximum lines. The amount of the 20x multipliers will give an extra edge to the gamblers at the crucial time of the game. The Return to Player which is higher than 96% would be useful for the players of the casino. Regular symbols, wilds, scatters and cascading reels in the slot picked the huge importance in the market of the casino. Here is the betting range information.

Betting Range and Payout

To cover all the pay-lines which are beginning from 25 to the 243, the betting range is between only $0.25 to the 500 which is a very good amount of betting in these days of the casino. The minimum wage option is also different for a single line for the newbies of the casino. While on the other hand, you can draw the amount of 4,000x which is very impressive for the players. Having all the best features and functions in the slot with the 20x multipliers, this could be the rocked slot of the casino.

How to Play Hainan Ice Slot?

Lychee symbol of fruit will play a huge role in all the games because it will work for you as wilds to make the pairs and the alternate purpose. You can get maximum rewards by doing best with this symbol. The next option after the Lychee symbols is the work of the Cascades which always provided free games and free spin with the help of the trigger. You can get maximum multipliers from the Cascades reels but you must know the behave of the symbol while dropping on the reels

The area of the game will be increased by winning the combinations on the reels and the trigger options. You have to match the symbols of fruits in the best way. The symbol of the peach wild will give you 20x multipliers from the 243 ways of lines. The wise gambler fixed the real places of all the fruits to win the rewards from the developers of the game. Online Betting is very easy if you well aware of the rules of casino

Wild symbols helped to match the symbols of lower values to the high values which are substitute options for the symbols. You have to follow the rules of the casino games because most of the casino game has the same method to run the slot.

The Theme of the Hainan Ice Casino Game

The Theme of the game is full of the fruit of classical type which creates beauty in all the corners of the theme. The fruits of the apples, grapes, oranges, peaches, Royals, and symbols of all types made the slot very reliable among the other games. The shape and the layout, which is done by the maker very carefully tend to gain the players.


It is not a fair game casino for all types of gamblers due to the low type of functions and features in it. But, you can take a chance to play for some experience. But, most of the users would like to stay away from the slot of Hainan ice.

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