A Guide to Online Sports Betting Odds

A Guide to Online Sports Betting Odds

There is a different online betting site available today with very many different markets. These allows you to gamble on various sports such as English Premier League, the Olympics, volleyball, and rugby. The advantage about online betting is that you can place more than one bet at once. The important thing you should understand before deciding if you start betting is the online betting odds because the odds determines the amount to win when you place a bet.

But due to many gambling sites around online gambling odds can be displayed in various ways. One of the greatest advantages of online gambling is that you can place a bet on any game played anywhere around the world. The online gambling odds may vary, but there is always are the common way of calculating each type of chances.

How online gambling odds are is displayed?
You should first understand how the online gambling odds works if you want to be successful in the gaming industry. All online gambling odds indicate chances of winning. Considering where you stay, you can use odds converter to see the possible winning amount when you place a bet.

Online betting odds can be in three formats
American odds(+110)
Fractional odds mostly found in the UK(12/15)
Decimal found many European and African countries odds(3.40)

American online gambling odds
Understanding American online betting odds is very simple because they show how much money you can win when you risk a certain amount. For example, if a given site offers -110 odds it means that to win 200$ you will have to place a bet of 210$ so that if you win, you can have a total of +440$ including your original bet of 210$ credited in your account.

The fractional gambling odds
If and odds is displayed as 3/2 this means that, if you place a bet for instance in a football match the home team the amount you stake multiplied by 3 and if the away team win the amount you set is increased by 2. For example, Liverpool vs. Arsenal, if Liverpool win and you had placed 20$your account will be credited with 60$

The decimal gambling odds 
In decimal odds, the number quoted against an individual game is the amount you will be credited if you win a match. For example, if Chelsea is playing against Manchester United and the online gambling odds are 3.20 and 2.50 respectively. If Chelsea wins and you had placed 100$ your account will be credited with 320$ after the 90 minutes are over.