Guess the catchphrases from the slot machines

Guess the catchphrases from the slot machines

It’s raining cats and dogs, you’ve hit the nail on the head, the pot calling the kettle black. . . These are just some of the common catchphrases and expressions used in everyday conversation.

Many have some rather strange origins. For instance, rumour has it the phrase ‘let the cat out of the bag’ was first coined hundreds of years ago, when merchants were often found trying to make money selling piglets. The piglets would be put in bags for buyers to take home, so some of the pluckier sellers would secretly fill the bags with stray cats. The unknowing buyer would then arrive home and, instead of finding a piglet, would let the cat out of bag!

Though you may not have known this story, there’s no doubt you recognise the saying. So how about having some fun by putting your knowledge of similar expressions to the test?

Below, you’ll 5 slot machines that have been designed by the guys at the online casino It’s up to you to guess the catchphrases from the symbols displayed on the reels of each. The first one should be ‘as easy as pie’, but you’ll find each catchphrase gets harder to guess with each slot machine. Check your answers to see how well you fared, then see if your friends and family can beat your score!

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