Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

Lots of people enjoy betting, and one of the most popular and most exciting sports to bet on is greyhound racing. Whether you play for fun or you’re an expert, it’s always good fun to look through the listings for the upcoming races and choose your winners. However, when you first begin, you might need a bit of help. We’ve devised a list of some of our top tips to help you with your strategies and teach you a bit about how to win a sports bet.

What You Need to Consider When Creating A Greyhound Betting Strategy– The Dog

Let’s start with what you need to consider before placing your first bet on a greyhound:

  • Class of greyhound – Finding out what class the greyhound has performed at is very important. Looks can be deceiving; if you only look at how many winning performances a dog has had, you won’t get the full picture. Instead, you need to take a deeper look. You need to see where the wins happened (were the races easy?), what the quality of the opposition was like when the dog won, and what the quality of the competition is now.
  • Breeding is important – Genes play a huge role in how well a dog performs. A greyhound’s sire and dam can give you a clue as to what attributes and skills they have. It can determine whether a dog has early sped; how well it responds to different conditions. If you can track the history of your dog, you will be able to see if they might have any natural ability and how well they could perform, allowing you to take your Greyhound betting to the next level.
  • The career – By looking at a greyhound’s overall career, you will be able to see if a dog has the ambition to win races or whether it’s happy coming middle of the pack. However, remember to think about the other contributing factors, such as class. It’s hard not to just look at the overall number of wins when thinking about a dog’s chance of success.
  • Previous form – Look at how well the dog has performed this season and last. Look to see when it was that your dog last performed well. Greyhounds can have a long career in racing, which means that they can go through a lot of highs and lows. You can make a more informed choice by looking at a dog’s most recent result.
  • Prize money earned – Quality can also be indicated by how much prize money a dog has earned. Harder races earn more prize money. Therefore, the more prize money, the harder the dog has performed and the higher class they were in.
  • Distance Record – Dogs, like horses and humans, have preferred distance ranges. Knowing a dog’s preferred range will help you when betting on a race.
  • PLCG placing – This shows you the number of dogs that started the race and where the dog finished.
  • Margin – It’s important to know the difference in time between the winner and the other dogs behind. This can give you an idea of how much work needs to be done to get them up to the same speed as the other dogs or give you an indication of how much faster they currently are.
  • Dog’s weight – This will give you an indication of how physically well the dog is.
  • Understanding the odds – knowing a dog’s odds can be beneficial to anyone placing a bet. This will give you an idea of how likely it is that a dog is going to win.
  • The box number – Which box the greyhound is being placed in at the start line is essential to know. Where the dog is placed can have an effect on how well they do in the race. The closer lanes are not quite as long, so the dogs won’t have as much ground to cover if they are placed in these. However, dogs need to be fast off the starting line in order to take full advantage of this.

Consider The Trainer If You Want To Become Successful At Greyhound Betting

A dog trainer has a huge influence over a greyhound’s success. Like us, greyhounds all have different talents; however, the trainer needs to know how to make the most out of these. The trainer not only needs to teach the dog how to race; he also needs to ensure that they are physically fit and well. A good trainer will also select the races that will maximise the greyhound’s chances of success. Viewing a trainer’s statistics is a great way to work out how good they are. You will be able to tell how successful they are overall, the areas they’ve been successful in, and see their patterns of performance.

Other Factors to Consider When Greyhound Betting

There are other factors that you need to think about when betting on greyhounds. Greyhound betting is great fun for everyone involved, but knowing a few tricks can definitely help you succeed. Boyle Sports is the perfect place for amateurs and experienced betters alike. They aren’t only guaranteeing to give you the best odds available, but they also have special promotions running throughout the year. To give yourself the best chances, you should also think about these factors before placing your bet:

  • The weather – The condition of the track can play a huge role in dog racing. This is why many people choose to wait until they’ve seen the first race before placing a bet. If your dog is a wide runner, then rainy or wet weather may favour them. If the track is wet, dogs might suffer from the spray kicked up by other dogs, so this needs to be considered if they are not fast off the starting line.
  • Favour well drawn – Lots of dogs start at a low price, all because they’ve had an unlucky loss in the past. It is better to keep your eye out for the well-drawn runners. In most cases, the dog who gets the best and cleanest start wins.
  • Age – Youth and enthusiasm often outweigh age and experience in dog racing. The best advice is to go for the young runner as it will still be learning and improving its skills. Young dogs tend to have more guts and pace than older runners.
  • Pick a dog that suits the track – choose a dog that suits the type of track they are running on.
  • Regulate your gambling – any type of betting needs to be regulated. A full greyhound betting race card can give you up to 14 betting opportunities. You don’t need to place a bet on all of them.

Greyhound betting can be extremely enjoyable, and you can win a lot of money if you learn how to place your bets well. However, don’t place a bet just because it’s the cheapest; you need to place your bets when you are likely to win and make a profit. Why not follow some of our strategies and give greyhound betting a go?