Great American legend

Great American legend

Great American legend immediately shone the brightest!

The current champions of the NFL New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21 in the first game of the new season played in the night from Thursday to Friday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, a suburb of Boston, a brilliant 38-year-old ‘quarterback’ Patriots’ Tom Brady

Brady was only a week ago I learned that would be able to play in this duel, after his court overturned the suspension of four games, imposed by the NFL, for alleged involvement in the so-called affair ‘Deflategate. Brady against the Steelers had four passes for ‘touchdown’ and won a total of 288 yards. “It was a pretty special night and I was excited. The whole team was excited. I am happy that I had the opportunity to go out there and play. Team took the opportunity, made a valuable victory and played a solid match, “said Brady, who incidentally managed to set a new record of his team, when in a row was 19 accurate passes. The owners of the clubs in the professional football league (NFL) are at its meeting held on Tuesday decided to change the rules about achieving additional points after the deposit

Another thing happening in the NFL World now is the major rule changing brought by the authorities of the NFL and presented to the public few days ago. The new rule will be live and will be on the pitches all across America on January the 1st, or in other words right after the New Year’s Eve. With this rul a dramatic changes have been made to the 20 and the 33 yard lni, read below for more.

Under the new rule, the kick for the extra point will no longer be performed with the 20-yard line, the distance from which virtually shooters cannot miss it, but the 33-yard line, and is also given the opportunity and the defense team to obtain points in the event of a failed conversion. That would be a defensive team that blocks ‘field goal’, and then the ball went all the way to the rival ‘end zone’ won two points. Converting to an additional two points after the deposit will continue to run two yards of the rival ‘end zone’, but in this case the defending team can win the case severed added two points if then march down the entire field to the opponent’s end zone. Changing the rules about achieving extra point was taken with 30 votes in favor and only two against.

This rule struck many of the teams who will completely have to change the whole training sessions, and some players who were best in distance shooting are now limited and are worth way less than they were before this dramatic rule changing. We will see if the letters from the teams and their dispute will have some kind of an influence over the NFL authorities.