Grasping the Regression

Grasping the Regression

Grasping the Regression Method when Applied to Online Blackjack

The Regression Money Management Method Is The Key Stop right here. Don’t go flying through this until you zero in on the question that I’m going to hang on you: “Did you grasp the total concept of the message that was laid out previously?”In layman’s terms: Do you know what the heck I just explained to you?? Since some of your entered this website to learn how to win at Online Blackjack, the Regression Money Management method is far and away the key to that goal.

Again, I’ll break down the explanation in order to make sure you all understand the concept: This Regression Money Management method, when applied to Online Blackjack, is the powerful tool that allows you to know exactly what your bet is after a win and exactly what your bet is after a loss. The fact that you lock up a profit after the first win, by taking back your original bet plus a profit, puts you into the position of playing the house even and still showing a guaranteed profit. Applying this method of play to Online Blackjack is a guaranteed success.

I want to re-emphasize the theory and even if you think you’ve got it down pat, look at it one more time. You’re at a $5 table and your first bet is $10. It could be $6 or $7 or $8 or $9 or $12 or $15 or $20 or any amount higher than the minimum. You win your $10 bet and the dealer slides two chips next to your original two-chip bet. Immediately take back the $10 you started with, plus a $5 profit, and bet $5. Even if you lose that $5 bet, you’ve got a profit locked up for that Series.

The Theory of the Regression is going to change your approach to gambling, and in particular your approach to playing Online Blackjack. Just remember a few more points. If you lose the first three hands of a session, get out of there. If you predetermine four straight losses and it happens, ditto, get moving. Also predetermine the amount of your starting series, based on a previous loss. You can make it any one of the following: $10-$5-$10-$15-$15-$20 $10-$5-$10-$5-$10-$15 $10-$5-$8-$12-$10-$5 $10-$5-$7-$10-$12-$18 $8-$5-$8-$10-$15-$20 $7-$5-$7-$10-$15-$10 $6-$5-$7-$7-$10-$15 If you lose your first series bet of $10, drop to $8, if you lose, drop to $7, if you lose, drop to $6. If you lose, leave the table.

OK, if you’ve grasped the Theory of the Regression, you can move on. But if you haven’t, go back and read this again until you get this method engraved in your brain. It is important if you want to win at Online Blackjack. This is what Money Management at Online Blackjack is all about. And Money Management is what winning at Online Blackjack is all about.