Grand National Race facts

Grand National Race facts

The countdown for the most important day of the year in the equestrian calendar. Saturday, 600 million viewers will be able to check whether this is finally the year have hit the winner of the steeplechase most controversial and famous in the world, held annually in Liverpool Grand National . This time the expectation is even greater, as the favorite, ‘Many Clouds’ , have the opportunity to make history if he can be a winner for the second consecutive year. Would become part of the select club of four horses since 1839 have achieved that feat .

On 5 March, ‘Many Clouds’ faced a tough rehearsal, racing Kelso, which already ran under the pressure of being the absolute favorite for the race on Saturday and should be measured with two other big jumpers as’ Unionist ‘and’ Perfect Candidate ‘. The resounding victory ‘Many Clouds’, which brought 10 bodies to ‘Unionist’ , makes clear the skeptics who is in better shape than ever and thrives on challenges.

The Grand National is the most popular races among all audiences for their extreme physical demand for horses and jockeys. Only the best athletes have the opportunity to aspire to make history after traveling seven kilometers and exceeded 30 hops whose dimensions – stopping anyone who is placed beside him. Undoubtedly, the most famous of them all is Becher’s Brook , which owes its name to Captain Martin Becher, who lost there riding in the first race of the Grand National. After his fall took refuge in the stream of jump for horses coming back not trampled. It measures 2.40 m high and one wide, and causes a great impression on the jockeys due to the difference in ground level between the point of departure and arrival, which makes it seem like a leap occurs.

Four Spaniards have run

Not surprisingly, the National is also characterized by the ruggedness of the race . Have experience and skill is no guarantee of anything in this lengthy trial full of jockeys and horses falls, where you can see the favorite interfered in a chain accident that there is no way to predict. Perhaps it is also why so aroused much interest. Everything in this race is unpredictable and bets are accepted only guess if a jockey come to the finish line or not . In a country with little fondness for racing and very little to racing showjumping as Spain, it is impossible not to remember the four Spaniards who have participated in the race of races: Jose Simo, Luis Urbano, the Marquis de Calderon and the Duke of Alburquerque . This last part up to seven times and achieved eighth position in one of them. It was in 1974 that ‘Red Rum’, the most beloved horse UK, which won the Grand National three times, managed the feat to which it aspires ‘Many Clouds’ in just a few days: keep the title two consecutive years.