Grand Fruits Casino Game Review

Grand Fruits Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Grand Fruits Casino Game Review

Grand Fruits Casino Game released by the Amatic at the start of the 2020 year to amuse the gamblers with its product. The functions and features in the slot already have been seen in the recent game of the same authority. The review of the Grand Fruits slot is a mixed-up of the symbols, signs, free spins, round, bonus, betting range, multipliers, reels, and pay-lines to give the pre detail of the game for the wagers and the bookies also. Here is the brief story of the entire slot with one by one step in it.

There is not any source in the game which could create some excitement for the gambler due to the same recent graphics, symbols, and spades also. It can get users from online gambling through the smartphone instead of the casino station.


The makers of the slot left the huge areas for the gambler with the 5 reels and 40 pay-lines with the various changes to get maximum cash. A maximum prize settled from the Amatic is up to the 1000x to decrease the boring time of the players. Whereas the wild scatters, spins from the bonus and mix up of the usual symbols made the slot much important among the users of the game.

Betting and Payouts

For the given forty pay-lines from the developer of the game, a huge is to fill from the gambler by using the betting range of $0.40 to the $80 which can change with the passage of the time in the working slot. Every line could pay you after making the combinations and alternates from the symbols.

On making the pairs from every line, there are 2 kinds of payouts, first one of 25x as per line and 1000x which is equal to the $80,000 for the entire round. Scatters symbols present in the game awarded 5 to release the 250x on showing in all the 5 reels of the slot. One thing keeps in mind that there is not any option of the Progressive Jackpot.

How to Play

Do not flow over the slot because the functions in the slot are achievable to offer you the wilds and free spin. There are some better in the regular and the stacked symbols but it all relies on your luck for all the 3 positions in the slot. At begin like the others, use the wild symbol for making pairs and alternates which showed in all the reels. It can give you 40 lines in only spins. But, you cannot use it for the alternate.

Scattered star is the other significant symbol that might give you more 3 reels with the exchange of the seven free spins for the cash up to the 250x the stack.

To get the free bonus without doing betting, use the regular symbol as an additional wild. You can use any regular symbol for wilds to make the combinations. Make the pairs, get multipliers, free rounds, bonuses and direct cash from these regular symbols to convert it into the wilds.

If a gambler wanted to get more information about the working of the Grand Fruits game of casino, he has to lose some coins to play the casino games for the experience. We are just telling the results of all the given options in the slot which could help you in the gameplay.

Theme and Layout

Having failed to add the function which may amuse the gambler, but the availability of the classic fruits symbols with the logos and stars decreased the last hope of the users. The entire slot revolved around the 7s logo, bells, horseshoes, plums, grapes, lemons and cherries also. The quality of the game is also very dull and irrelevant for the market of the casino, as it developed to lose the money of the players and the bookies also. Not a good product at the start of the 2020 year.


The views of the slot developer are that this game with the classic theme and functions will help the player for the experience to release the money from the inside functions of the game.

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