The winning chance of Barcelona increased after the recovery of Messi in this game. He has the powerful mind to put the ball into the goal point. His outstanding effort versus the Huesca will remember when he claimed the win with the 1-0 goal. Now, the side Barcelona would like to enhance the pressure over the contender side. The played XI also did well versus the Madrid and Atletico in last game of the La Liga league 2020-2021.

Now, if we look into the Granada side, how will we forget the progress of Umtiti. One of the significant problem for the teams in the injury of Pique and Coutinho. It is the only side in the league that created some disappointment for the spectators. They faced a heavy loss of 2-0 in the last game. Barcelona is getting to improve day by day in the last some days. Moreover, some the significant sign of the game is the inclusion of the Duarte and Foulquier. It will be an exciting match than the usual.

Head to Head Results

If we see the detail of head to head result for both sides, there is no significant difference among the multiplier side. The Granada side played 15 matches and remained successful in 7. The playing XI failed to overcome in 5 games but succeeded to draw the three contests. On the other hands, the average goal score for the side if 1.27.

The side of Barcelona took part in the last matches of football. But, there is not any difference in the winning numbers of the match as the opposite side. One of the significant change is the same numbers of losing and draw games like 4 and 4. I know the better want to know the side’s average goals, so the played succeeded to get lead from the front side with the 1.93 mean goal in every match.

Current position on the point table

You will surprise to know that there is only 1 number up and down between the two sides. Barcelona’s side claimed one more point with the 7, whereas the Granada is below the number 7 that is 6. So, it is not an easy job to announce the winner of the match.

Betting Tips and Odds

Do you want to conclude the last team of the day? Then you must check the availability of star players on the two sides. According to the facts and figures, the Barcelona teams practised well in the last some games. However, they are trying it’s best to overcome the faults from the last three weeks. So, my prediction will favour the Barcelona side.

Who will win?

The team Barcelona will be the winner of the match on the final day with 1-0 or 2-0. I have checked the football experts’ views and former players, they also at the side of Barcelona.


I tried my best to leave pure and exact detail of the two sides. Moreover, the viewers also have much information about the present condition of the teams in the league. So, my argument will not change till the end of the match. I announced that Barcelona would easily win the match to post more points on the La Liga league table. All of my views and prediction have taken from the previous data. One thing considers that the team which I favour doesn’t have to win as a single player can win the match if he has his day.