Golfer Mickelson

Golfer Mickelson

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Golf

Golfer Mickelson, tied in insider trading

The Commission Securities and Exchange reported Thursday that the golfer Phil Mickelson saw $ 931,000 after buying shares through an insider observer of sports bettor Billy Walters, and then use some of the money to pay Walters, the supposedly she owed money.

As part of the alleged ill-gotten gains, the SEC (acronym in English) is trying to recover that money from Mickelson, who was not charged criminally. Mickelson’s lawyer said Thursday in a statement filed with the SEC agreement and return the money business in question.

Walters was accused of insider trading and was arrested Wednesday night in Las Vegas. You will have to appear in court on Thursday.

In a separate indictment, on Thursday, the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, in conjunction with the SEC and the FBI, said the Walters interaction with former President of Dean Foods, Thomas Davis allowed a profit of $ 32 million in trade actions, avoiding losses of $ 11 million.

Davis, who had trade relations with Walters, would have received 1.1 billion dollars in loans Walters ended without paying. A government source told ABC News that Davis pleaded guilty to charges in addition to those imposed Walters, including perjury and obstruction of justice.

Thomas Melsheimer, defense attorney Davis told ABC News that, unlike Walters, his client is helping the government in its investigation.

The authorities knew when Walters earned 17.1 million dollars in 2012, to exchange information that could shed Dean Foods from a company called WhiteWave-Alpro. Through their investigation, authorities revealed that Davis often called Walters after he allegedly received inside information about the company and Walters could run operations.

Walters, 69 years old, is widely regarded as the most successful sports bettor in US history. He grew up in poverty in Kentucky before moving to Las Vegas in 1980. He used his success in sports betting in the business world. He is the owner of Walters and Nature Development Group BV, which has numerous car dealerships and golf courses as high-end assets.

“Bill Walters is a true American success story, whose extraordinary accomplishments as a bettor legal sports have been widely recognized and praised , ” said Walters, Barry Berke lawyer in a statement to ESPN . “Mr. Walters recognized work ethic and many other talents also have helped to achieve great success in business, investment and philanthropy. Mr. Walters and his lawyer hope the day to go to court where it will be shown that accusations of tax are based on erroneous assumptions, speculative theories and false accusations. “

According to the charges, when Walters and Davis talked about Dean Foods, the company referred to as “Dallas Cowboys” NFL team.

Mickelson is also linked to a federal money laundering case, sources told ESPN last year, in which a California man is accused of transferring almost $ 3 million as part of an illegal gambling operation.

Silveira Gregory La Quinta pleaded guilty in June to three counts of money laundering, but presented his statement in March.

Mickelson has not been charged with a crime and is not under federal investigation in the case of washing.

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