Golden state in Europe

Golden state in Europe

Ljubljana – After two consecutive victories, the basketball players and supporters of Union Olimpija for a moment feel like Golden State, which knows no defeat in the NBA. However, due to the previous sin had to quickly descend from the clouds. Tonight we have a very important hosting in Bonn, which will pretty much define their prospects for a breakthrough in the second round of the European Cup.

A quick look at the scale of the group A can be very deceptive. Ljubljana, despite the enormous fluctuations again in the round of the Quartet, which is closest to the promotion, Telekom Bonn is in last place. But the teams is only one victory, but we must also take into account that the Germans have taken away points from Slovenia and that would be the case of a new success in a nice advantage. The fact is that you will win the match in the hall Telekom Dome with 6000 seats only strengthened hopes before the last two Kolo, because due to small differences between the teams everything possible; the failure of the two rivals this evening with interesting curves.

Teams from Bonn’s European season started with two wins in three appearances, then to experience four successive defeats; indeed three away. Olimpija četica has ever marched to the beat of victory – defeat two wins – two of defeat, victory, and if he will remain faithful to her in the next two matches does not bode well. Its task will in any case be very difficult, because the Germans were taking stožiškem confrontation confirmed that kept “antipatičen” gaming style, some just do not fit. Ljubljana him in the first attempt have not been able to live, even though they only missed Saša Zagorje. How many of them will be missing due to injury today, but will also Gasper Potocnik taken at the last minute. It is clear only that Mitja Nikolić did not travel with his former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany for rehabilitation of damaged shoulder.

“I hope you will be back Zack Wright hold the last training and to be able to play. Zagorac continue practicing under a special program, Ronalds Akis while still feeling the effects of the impact of the Trenta and back pain. We can not heal any damage already appears fresh. Teams somehow krpamo, but the situation is not the best. I hope that we perform in the most complete band, “says Olimpija coach who, despite the black November Telekom Bonn insists that it is a very good team with a strong combinatorial game.

“In the first race we had a lot of good. We exchanged 20 defense versions, but we did not find the right. In addition to the wing center Aaron White is a problem caused by Dirk Mädrich center, which has moved away from the ring. We need to limit the main weapons of hosts, so it is welcome that the boys began to realize that they must first think about defense and control of the jump, then the attack. Lack of experience and they want to do the right thing in the wrong way, “said Potočnik.

Couples 8th round in Group A today: Telekom Bonn – Union Olimpija (19:30), Bilbao – Oldenburg (20:30); played last night – Nanterre: Trento 79:85; order: Trento 6: 2, Bilbao 5: 2, Union Olimpija and Oldenburg at 3: 4, Nanterre 3: 5, Telekom Bonn 2: 5th