Golden Beauty Casino Game Review

Golden Beauty Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Golden Beauty Casino Game Review

Pragmatic Play invented the slot of Golden Beauty to release in Feb 2020 for all the gamblers in the world. The slot game added the two significant colors of the gold and dark red to inspire the lovers of a casino. The game is based on the Chinese typical theme and various graphics in it. The presence of the pros and core also enhanced the attraction of the player toward the product of the pragmatic play. The review of the Golden beauty will be helpful for the newbies to know the basics of the game like betting range, payout, reels, multipliers, and the stacks.

Golden Beauty game is available on the smartphone after downloading the required software and application for it. Online betting to get the maximum jackpot from the Golden Beauty Game would be a real challenge.

Functions in the Golden Beauty

The game of Golden Beauty has many areas to play with the 5 reels and 75 lines of pay. Having not the high payout and just of 210x per spin with the presence of the Progressive Jackpot would be interesting for the players. The RTP rate fixed with 96.44% which is too good but the reward could be a huge problem. All the symbols of the scatter, wilds, free spins, rounds, bonuses and multiplier options available in the slot but due to low payout, it could be a problem for the developer of the game.

Betting Rang and Payout

For all the given lines and reels in the slot of the Golden Beauty, you can do bet between the $0.25 to $25 and the range of the per-line betting started from the $0.01 to the $10 which showed the importance of the game. On a single line, the authority of the casino will pay you only 2.8x while the entire slot will give you 210x payout by making the good combinations and the symbols. The game of medium volatility and might fail to gain the users for it.

How to Play

The main source to gain the advantage is the presence of the Progressive Jackpot which runs the slot into your favor with 10 times more without it. After the showing of the Lotus Flower on the reels, you can get the framed positions on the spins of the reel. Due to this option, 10 rounds with free bet would be waiting for you. This position of framed converted into the wilds for high rewards from the makers of the game. All the levels after it will give you extra free 10 spins.

The scatter option in the slot of the Golden Beauty gave the opportunity of the trigger for free spins from 3 to 5 times. By making the combinations from the wilds, 5 to 45 free more spins will be awarded to you and 10 on the reels of wilds.

Gamblers are different kinds, some of them liked to play the lower betting game while the other liked to face the risk in the casino games. But, you must take the risk after knowing the functions of all the casino games. Without knowing the information of any casino slot, it is only the way to waste his money on the makers of the games. This is the new slot of the Pragmatic Play which is ready to go in the hands of the players in 2020.


Once again, this slot added the theme of the Chinese based culture with the presence of the various graphics icons and the symbols in it. The appearances of the Bonus, Temples, flowers of lotus, combs, roses and the mega symbols in the slot led to winning the game with a high prize. The design of the Royals in the slot will be the focus of the whole game.


Nothing is new in the new slot of the casino from the Pragmatic Play but the presence of the Progressive Jackpot in the game and the symbol gave the strength for the players of the gambling. The payout is the only problem to get the traffic but the RTP is also an average for the gamblers.


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