Golden Asia Casino Game Review

Golden Asia Casino Game Review

Golden Asia casino game posted to the market from the Scientific Game developers and it is the first that the layout and design of the game are related to India. Golden Asia has consisted of the reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers, free games, free spins and number of symbols on the reels to provide some assistance to the users of casinos. The manufacturer of the game failed to add the theme of China for the first time because they wanted to get some change in the slot.

Golden Asia games can be played online to get some more bonuses and free games by applying the instructions of the makers at the book of the slot. Online betting adopted more importance due to give an easy environment to the customers who are related to the game.

Functions in the Slot

There is not any change in the number of reels and pay-lines as we have been seen many times in the past. It has only 5 reels and 20 pay-lines to cover the area of the game and made the pairs among the combinations to release some jackpot for the gamblers of the casino. The Return to the player which is a real instrument for the slot is 96% to gain some attraction of the players. The presence of the River scatters and Wheel bonus in the functions and features of the game created some kind of thunder for the lovers of the casino slot.

Betting Range and Payout

The maxim bet for a line is ranged up to the $5 which is a good amount for the experienced player. The overall range of betting for all the lines of 20 is started from only $0.20 to a maximum of $100 to give some output to open the functions and features of the game. While on the other hand, the payout of $250,000 with the Return to Player of 96% amused the gamblers of all the casino wagers from the nation of India. Free spins and games are the real part of the slot with the scatter and wilds symbols to make the comb from it.

How to Play Golden Asia Slot?

On the last four reels in the area of the game, the Wild Tiger option has to do the work of alternate to make the real combinations and pairs to release some precious jackpot for the players with the help of the new win. You have to struggle to gain these working because of very unusual functions in the game. To get the screen with the 6 pots, you must pick the Black and Gold pot which have to appear on the reels from 2 to 3 times respectively. Due to this working, you can get free spins as well as the additional wilds symbols.

Actions spin that is helpful for the wagers showed the value of the pots which decide the side of the slot to gain free spins and multipliers also.  The Pot of Action is responsible in all the area of the slot with the association of the single spins on the reels of the casino. You can get free spins and cash without any trouble at the same time. Here is the detail of the slot theme.

The Theme of the Golden Asia Game

The theme of the Asian games always related to China but it is the very first time this theme is made on the base of India. We can see the presence of the Indian culture in this with the availability of the women, men, snakes and other images on the screen of the casino. The features of the Royals and the working of Tigers with River and Golden pots gave some inspiration to the casino wagers from all the Asian countries.


The functions and features in the slot of Golden Asia is not a big headache for the users of gamblers because they used these kinds of slots many times. The RTP of high rate and payout played a role to gain the users but the medium level of volatility provided some bad impact on the game.