Goa cricket association

Goa cricket association

Goa cricket association and its official case

There are many cricket associations who are found in all the places the cricket associations do a very important work in enhancing the game to a greater level. There is very hot news which is about the GOA cricket association. It is shortly called as GCA and it is the most familiar cricket association but here is the very hot news about the official in the cricket association in goa.

Official and his case

The president of the goa crocket association is named as Chetan desai and the secretary is Vinod Phadke. There is also a treasurer who is working in this association and he is named as Akbar Mulla. All these three people are been arrested by the police in this month which is June. They are arrested because they are alleged for fraud case.

Alleged amount

The case is going very serious in the present condition and it is because of the fraudulent action done by these three people. The first information report has given announcements that these three people are greatly summoned to a great dispute case and the goa government has also reported that these three people has alleged the amount which is more than three core. This is a very shocking and also unbelievable news in the history of the cricket association and this amount is also said to be very much high when compared to all the other cases.

Police registering the case

The police have registered a case and also they have written the first information report which is now revealing all such shocking news to the people in the country. The dailies and the chronicles are saying that these people are summoned under the case and the section which is 408,409 and there are also many other different sections which has been imposed on these people for their unexpected fraudulent action which they have formulated by being in their cricket association.

The case is getting very serious and this case is found to be an example to check with all the activities which are done by the other cricket associations in the country. This has created a very great threat not only to the goa cricket association and it is also a very great threat to all the other cricket associations who are still indulging in such actions without any proof or marks. But the police tea who are assigned for dealing this case are expected to bring out even the other such cases which is found in the country regarding the cricket association. This is the very great threat and also unexpected shocking news for the people who are related to the cricket association in the country and it will be a very good warning for all the other people who are indulging in such actions.