Ghostly Towers Casino Game Review

Ghostly Towers Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Ghostly Towers Casino Game Review

Ghostly towers Casino Game is one of the new slots of the Greentube which is full of horror and suspense in it. It is scheduled to release in March 2020 for all the payers of gambling. If you love to play the horror games then ready to face this one in the market. The Review of the Ghostly Towers casino game is composed of the reels, pay lines, multipliers, payout,  stacks and free spins with the mini-games. The functions of the games are based on the graphics and features of the symbols. Here is the detailed information of all the components of the slot.

A ghostly Casino game can be played with the help of the smartphone because of the easy way to run the slot of the casino. Online Betting adopted more and more progress in the market of casino and this slot is ready to cover the market.

Functions in the Ghostly Towers Casino Slot Machine

There are 5 reels in the slot machine with the 20 pay lines as we have been seen many times in the slot of the casino. All the symbols and the features in the slot machine would be very special for the gamblers of the casino if he handles well in the middle of the game. Unfortunately, the makers of the game posted the medium volatility in the slot machine due to the average RTP of 95% which is not too good for the users of casinos. But the symbols in the slot of wilds and scatter took the responsibility to remove all the bad components in the slot.

Betting Range and Payout

For all the lines in the slot machine, the range of betting are between the only $0.20 to the $400 which not too good of we looked at the past games of the Greentube. You must cover all the features and functions in the slot machine from this amount. While on the other hand, the payout which is settled by the developers is not of high type due to the bid amount in the market of 2020. The gamblers and wagers liked to get more and more payouts in all the casino slot machines.

How to Play the Ghostly Tower Casino Game?

The best option in the slot machine would be the name of the title of the game that is the Towers of Ghost which has all the important features to create fun and enjoyment for the gamblers of the casino.

At the beginning of the slot work, it is used to work with the regular symbols as will and then could be used to make the alternate the symbol on the reels, it is also the best symbols to get some free spins and trigger from the slot machine.

Fifteen wilds can be picked from the option of the Pierre from the wickedly weird wilds which are very useful for the players. The multipliers up to the 20 would be waiting for you if you cover the reels of the slot very well.

The 3rd features in the slot are the presence of the spooky which showed there to replace the symbols in the slot to get maximum payment at the end of the gameplay.

Free spins of all kinds can be gained from the matching of the symbols on the reels with the appropriate symbols of regular with the wilds and scatters.

The Theme of the Ghostly Towers Casino Game

The theme of the game is based on the horror due to the presence of the ghost in all the functions and features of the game but some of the graphics and symbols gave much delight to the users of casino. The option of the trigger and free spins would be helpful for the players of the casino while the Royals and spooky options in the theme released more amusement in the slot machine.


If we looked at the past of the game of the Greentube them we can say that they failed to make the place in the market of the casino due to the bad and low kind of features in the slot machine but the interesting features and functions may lift the game very up. The RTP, betting range, theme, and Payout did not get some attraction from the players.

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