Geoff impressing in the new year

Geoff impressing in the new year

Posted on February 17, 2015 by in Geoff impressing in the new year, Horse Racing

After being suspended for more than 18 months which followed by an injury to his right knee, Geoff Huffer made his return last week in the Aqueduct race, is having the best return that any participants in the horse racing industry can have. He is dragging attention like crazy and the audience are there to see him compete and to see the brilliant results that he is having on the first races after his return.

Geoff Huffer made his return having been out of the racing grounds for several years now, since the federation of horse racing in Britain banned him for competing, participating, or attending any horse race in their country. After the mistakes that Geoff has done, the mighty coach is finally on the racing grounds again. This time as the coach of the famous El Kabeir who managed to win his first race under the new coach and enjoying a special comeback for him to the ground from injury, and for his coach from suspension.

The horse race that was held in Aqueduct Racetrack grabbed many people’s attention, like any other holyday race. The seats that are made for the spectators were full; there were people standing on their feet and people jumping to see how the race was going. Of course, there were many people betting, and im sure that the ones who betted on El Kabeir are smiling now-we encourage you to do the same on the sports forums of jackpot bet online and you may end up winnin the jackpot like any of the lucky people that guessed El Kabeir to be the winner.

At this time Zayat Stables’ El Kabeir is the first potential starter and he is on the No.1 place on the Kentuck Derby May 2 after managing to grab 10 points in the 70-yard Jerome.

As we mentioned before the newcomer coach Geoff failed to make the start as everybody were hoping for, but he did manage to run through his opponents short after the gates were opened. He went pass C.C. Lopez and Ostrolenka to make it to the 2nd place before struggling with Nasa for several miles. He took over the advantage and stood there for the end of the race with the final time of 1:44:69 which is considered a very good time for this particular racing ground.

His coach Huffer commented that he tried to beat the doors and to start before they were fully opened, that’s why be stumbled a bit and had a late start. Lopez managed to bring him up without panic, and talked him into staying focused and continuing the race. With the best horses in their team, they should wait for the door to fully open before trying to play smart. The horses will run past any other clever jockey who will successfully beat the doors, so there is no place for panic in Zayat Stables’ jockeys.

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