Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions Slot Game Review

Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions Slot Game Review

Genie Jackpot Vegas Million Slot for getting the basic information about it. Watch Genie Jackpot Vegas will the options and choices included in it. This casino game will open for the gambler in January, 2020 to cover the market of gambling around the world. The users of the mobile phones can also play it in their own rooms or anywhere in the world. Here is the detail of the functions and the features step by step.

This game is the invention of the Blueprint Gaming’s games. The slot of the Genie Jackpot Vegas Millions is the part of the series of the games. It is a high profile slot which has mega payout for the customers of it. Genie Jackpot Vegas posted the option of the Progressive Jackpot to make it a impressive game.

Features Included in the Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions Casino Game

This game is made with the classic and the modern technique with the only 5 reels and the pay-lines are 20. Have very short options in the game, it is still has the hue payout in the form of 1,000x which may amuse the gambler of the casino. According to the information of the experts of casino games, this slot of Genie Jackpot Vegas Millions is little danger for the players by having little RTP and the Progressive Jackpot features. But on the other hand, it is composed of the 3 type’s choices in the shape of the Power spins, Carpet bonus and the Mystery bonus.

The Genie Jackpots Vegas Million Casino Game is ready for the users in Jan 2020 with the RTP of 96.73%. The betting option for the players of the game is started from only $0.20 to the big amount of $500. The maximum payout from the per spin is $250, 00.

Layout and Design of the Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions Game (Theme)

The game is based on the thinking of the Arabic and is same for all the slot. The entire game if Genie Jackpot Vegas Million lied on the magic lamps and on the Genie. We can see the logos, monkeys, swords, carpets, chests, magic carpets pictures and the bad looking Royals on the casino of the Genie Jackpot casino game.

How to Play Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions for Maximum Payout?

The lowest betting option for the player is of only 20 cents but the mega option is to invest on the Genie Jackpot Vegas Millions is up to $500. If we divide the high level investing amount by the pay-lines of 20 which mean that 1 line needed $25 to play it for getting huge amount from the slot. We are here to brief you about the method that how we can use the Genie Jackpot Vegas Millions Casino game to get the highest return from it because no one wanted to lose it money especially in the gambling of the casino. Here is the key points of the game which can be played online or offline also.

The payout of the game is an average for the gamblers because one round can give you to 1,000x which is level to the $250,000. But the next option which is the part if the casino game is of 5 free trigger in the names of Vegas, Royal, Mega, Major, and the Super one. This feature can up the progress of the Genie Jackpot Vegas Million Online Casino Game. From the date of the birth of this game, no one blamed that this has a low payout. The Return to the Player rate is of 95.73% and three percent composed of with the Progressive Jackpot while the remaining percentage came from the regularly prizes by the slot of casino.

Conclusion of the Genie Jackpots Vegas Millions

Genie Jackpot Vegas Million Casino game associated with the mix up features of different kinds due to having low RTP and Progressive Jackpot options, It also attached with the minimum payout of 1,000x and the unfriendly graphics features. While, it could be best for the newbies of the gambler to get some experience from it.