Gem splash :Rainbow Gift slot review

Gem splash :Rainbow Gift slot review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Gem splash Rainbow Gift slot review

It is a genuinely big game territory with 5×4 reels but only 30 active lines will be available there. It does not seem like the sort to guarantee big prizes, as the base game can pay up to 480x the stake but then there will be three active jackpot to trigger randomly. That could make the game additionally engaging, even as the regular spins shows signs of being aimed mostly at the casual player. Assistance will come through the Gem splash bonus or the game’s free spins which is the main focus for it. The RTP is more than OK at 96.46%.

Betting and Prizes

You can bet as little as $0.10 per spin but the total wager can likewise be increased to a  worthy amount of up to $500 per spin.

If  you look at the slot’s own prizes, I am not sure if you will be impressed with what you are seeing. A big stake of 480x the stake is reported which is sufficient for certain games but this one seems to have medium to high unpredictability.

Then again, the game has three progressive big stakes which could trigger, however this occurs at random and it does not give you the illusion that your own luck brings them around. These big stakes are called Minor, Major and Grand.

Lastly, it is a game with a better than expected RTP set to 96.46%, which implies that it pays about as much as some other slot over the long term regardless of how low the big stake may be.

Gem Splash: Rainbows Gift Slot Features

The Gem Splash symbol is particularly noteworthy among the big feature images. It has green color and it can arrive on the reels and hope for a Gem Drop to appear on it. This implies that only a mix between the Purple Gem Drops and the Green Gem Splash Logo will get you the feature being referred to. It pays up to 100x the stake also, following which the Gem Drop symbol will go one position downwards, attempting to find more Gem Splash images and get you paid once more. The Gem Drop can start anywhere.

The other important feature is going to appear as free spins which get set off by means of 3 to 5 Pot of Gold images which is scattered in view. The prize will consist of 8 free spins and a prize of up to 50x the stake.

One preferred position would be that the Gem Drops would now be able to show up as overlays which are 2×2 sized. Payouts for this element will go up to as much as 100x for each time it triggers.

Extra lines and rows are included as you move through the free spins. You start with 5×4 reels and 30 active lines, move to 5×5 and 35 active lines, 5×6 and 40 and afterward 5×7 and 50 active lines.

Theme and Design

The standard green moving hills of Ireland are found out of sight alongside the obligatory rainbow that navigates the screen. It will have a lot of green in its design. It is not a bad looking game but the classification is loaded up with similar slots that have better designs.

Its images include the Gem Splash logo, the Leprechaun, Gem Splash logo, Horseshoes, pipes,  Royals and Harps.


Gem Splash: Rainbows Gift slot from Playtech should be a satisfactory decision for many players but I am not a big fan of the 480x top payouts which are announced in spite of its better RTP and interesting features. Then again, the presence of those three jackpots may be enough to impress you, so it is a matter of preference.

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