Gem Splash: King’s Court Slot Review

Gem Splash: King’s Court Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Gem Splash King's Court Slot Review

Gem Splash: King’s Court is essential for a bigger series from Playtech, which has gotten two other new slots up until now, and I expect that more will come later on. While past installments in the series covered Marilyn Monroe and Irish leprechauns, here we are getting a more medieval setting with kings, heraldry and horses among those which appear.

King’s Court is played with 5×4 reels and you will discover 30 lines there. Individual wins will get you settled up to 180x the stake per spin but you could get more from features and free spins. Even better, it can trigger progressive bonanzas which will go into the six-figure range, thus a part of its 96.37% RTP comes from them. Main features will include Golden Shields as scatters, Gem Drops and free spins with colossal images.

Betting and Prizes

The wagering system isn’t there to go about as a deterrent, unlike other slots, so you are allowed to pick a worth that you like from the range. At its lowest, it will require $0.10 per spin while a high roller could spend up to $500.

I didn’t enjoy mixes, as the best ones will pay 6x the stake, so up to 180x if all lines are covered. Obviously, throughout its free spins or in extra games, you could get more than that.

There is likewise a very progressive bonanza that you will go for, it is called the Grand which doesn’t have a limit and will be in the six-figures range. Two smaller bonanzas called Major and Minor will have limits, paying when they reach $3,000 and $500, respectively.

While not a risky game, since the instability is Medium you will find that the RTP incorporates the progressive bonanza also. This means the reported 96.37% isn’t giving you the full story, in case you’re looking to see what the slot can offer on its own. Without the progressive bonanzas (3.99%), the RTP seems, by all accounts, to be just 92.38%. This is average for a slot with progressive bonanzas however.

Gem Splash: King’s Court Slot Features

A Gem Drop will be a unique image which shows up as an overlay, implying that it covers images. When it lands on the reels, it will start dropping downwards each position in turn, until they leave the game territory.

To win the prize mentioned on the Gem Drop symbol, you need to get it to arrive on top an image with the Gem Splash logo. Do this and you get a cash reward worth up to 100x the stake.

Just a single other feature is accessible, the free spins. You get those when Golden Shields show up on 3 to 4 reels, scattered. Plus 6 free games, you also get a prize worth up to 50x the stake. You can retrigger this feature in the same way.

In this mode, the game will now have colossal versions for the Gem Drops, so they occupy somewhere in the range of 1×1 and 4×4 positions when they appear. Similarly, Gem Splash symbols are stacked. This makes it simpler for these overlay images to discover a Gem Splash image and get you paid.

Theme and Design

King’s Court does what it guarantees, it takes us to a medieval castle, in the background, surrounded by mist or dust. On the reels however, the images are easier to see. Of note here, would be the Golden Shield scatter and the Gem Splash logo. Regulars have the King as the top image alongside a Horse, Gold Crown, Gold Ring and four Royals (10 to A). A very decent design but not as modern as other new Playtech slots.


Gem Splash: King’s Court is a decent addition to the series, a third title which incorporates great progressive bonanzas but it is genuinely accessible because of its medium unpredictability. I enjoyed the change in features, since we’re not getting alternatives from it, it really has something special to bring to the table.

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