Gamesys to pay £1.2m penalty for UK social responsibility

Gamesys to pay £1.2m penalty for UK social responsibility

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Gamesys to pay £1.2m penalty for UK social responsibility

The penalty package from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) conducts an evaluation into the operator procedures after police found that the three individuals’ gambled with stolen funds.

The investigation also demonstrated that Gamesys didn’t comply with money laundering regulations, including maybe perhaps not establishing customers’ supply of capital.

These critical steps and processes ensure they meet both their anti-money laundering and societal responsibility obligations for all customers. Gamesys’ approach caused many different failings and watched stolen cash flowing through the business enterprise — with clients being placed at risk of gambling related injury”

The analysis focused on three customers between 2014 and 2016, all whom were the subject of police investigations where it was demonstrated that stolen money was spent online gambling with Gamesys.

The research also noticed that Gamesys made proactive and timely developments to cover the problems understood and has been clear and open from the outset of this investigation, fully co-operating all through. The 1.2m penalty package is included of a payment in lieu of a fiscal penalty of £690,000, which will visit the National Strategy to decrease Gambling Harms, as well as divestment of £460,472 to reimburse identified victims of crime along with payment towards the UKGC’s investigative expenses. The UKGC reported that the operator didn’t deliver interaction which might have averted injury, despite clients displaying behavior that could indicate problem gaming.

“Our analysis found, also Gamesys admits, that there have been historical flaws in its approaches relating to how it handled its clients for anti-money laundering and social responsibility purposes,” said the UKGC.

As per the 2007 anti-money laundering regulations in force at the moment, Gamesys needs to have applied enhanced due diligence measures and ongoing tracking in situations that pose higher risk of money laundering. The business should also provide complied with Social Responsibility Code provisions which require operators to socialize with customers who display signs of problem gambling.

“it’s very important that operators understand their clients – track their online betting and step in fast if they suspect someone is suffering from gambling injury,” said Richard Watson, Gambling Commission executive manager.