Game pack of Mercury Magic – the New Year will be great!

Game pack of Mercury Magic – the New Year will be great!

With Mercury Magic, the New Year will coincide with the game pack Mercury Magic 2017 HD De Luxe. And the players can now be sure that with this game package the fun factor will increase and there will be a terrific entertainment with the Merkur Magic 2017 HD De Luxe. Finally, this package contains a total of 80 popular and entertaining top games, which of course provide the right fun.

In play halls and restaurants it is now off

The new game pack of Mercury Magic is here. It is available for the Vision Slant Top and Vision Slant Top “SL” game machines. Now, in many playing halls and restaurants, the game is even bigger. Finally, the game package Merkur Magic 2017 HD De Luxe is really a great luxury version, which can bring the very best game pleasures. Finally, 80 genius games are included in the package. With Magic Monk Rasputin, Tennessee, Badlands Bounty, Tiara, Forbidden Princess, Tri Piki, Pearl Diving, Ka-Boom and Princess Oriental are also nine new games included in the game package, which of course with great care and much innovation from the game developers at Mercury Magic were created. So the fun never comes too short. The Merkur Magic 2017 HD De Luxe game package has even more to offer.

My top game-capable and much more

With the Merkur Magic 2017 HD De Luxe, the players are not only offered 80 great games. There are also other features in the game package, which will soon be available in many venues. Because the package is also My Top Game-capable, so the players can get the Top 200 games at a glance. And that is very easy, because at the game machines a wipe over the screen is enough to get the overview of the 200 games. In general, the entire menu is carried out via the wiping on the screen. So it’s like using a tablet or smartphone. There is also simply “wiped”. Of course, the fact that a first-rate game design is offered is self-evident. Poor designs are more frightening and no one wants to, neither players, operators of the game machines nor the makers of Mercury Magic.

Game selection quite quickly

Even if the game pack contains Mercury Magic 2017 HD De Luxe 80 games, it is not difficult to quickly choose a game and choose the appropriate game. Finally, there is a quick menu, which offers all the games at a glance and thus makes the entire selection easier. To get to the game quickly is therefore not difficult with the new Merkur game package.

Even with minimum use, the new game package is very flexible. Finally, the minimum use can be easily adjusted and of course you do not have to start immediately with many euro. Even low bets in the cent area bring the games up and running. Thus, the rollers on the 80 games can be brought with small money bags. And, of course, everything is state-of-the-art. The Merkur Magic 2017 HD De Luxe game package fulfills the technical guideline 4.1 and is therefore absolutely serious and safe.