Game of Thrones: Power Stacks Casino Game Review

Game of Thrones: Power Stacks Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Game of Thrones Power Stacks Casino Game Review

Game of Thrones is the latest product of Microgaming which came into the market with some of the new functions in it. It is scheduled to release in April 2020 for all the players of the casino who wanted to play it online as well as offline at casino fixed points. The review of the Game of Thrones is composed of the reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, stacks, free spins, rounds and payout at the end of the game. Here is the detail of all the symbols and functions in the slot with their importance in the game.

Game of Thrones slot can be played online if you have the android phone with the inclusion of the software and application in it. Actually, this slot came into the market with the partnership of the Slingshot Studies because the makers failed to launch it as a single due to the high profile slot. It will get some inspiration from the wagers and the players of the casino.

Functions in the Slot

There are 5 reels in the slot with the required pay-lines in the slot but the presence of the Progressive Jackpot in the slot increased the importance and volatility of the game. The payout from the developer settled very high as they know the market rate very well but failed to add the required features and functions in the slot. The Return to Player which is the key to every best game has not the best figures in the gameplay.

Betting Range and Payout

In this slot, the facility of the Progressive Jackpot filled the lower values of the betting range which can be watched at the lower side of the screen of a casino. The series of the Power Stacks added some useful payout to the side of the game. The amount of payout enhanced with the passage of the time in the gameplay. Wagers would not be a worry in the slot range of betting as the payout after playing the game will create some fun and cash for the users. Here is the method to play the slot of Game of Thrones.

How to Play

Power Stacks is the only feature in the entire gameplay which can do all the required work of the symbols like the scattered, regulars and wilds. You can make the combinations, alternate with the lower value symbol to convert them into the paid ones. Free spins and multipliers can be getting from these options but you must know all the work of these functions. Online Betting to play the casino slot would be easy if you complete all the requirements.

The best method to play any slot can be got by playing that game physically at the point of casino. Casino station opened in most of the nations like the United Kingdom, Australia and America also. The gamblers of the casino are increasing day by day. To get a high payout, make the combinations from wild symbols with the regulars to get some extra cash. The Progressive Jackpot has also favored you due to have some free cash. This slot is good for the new players of the casino because of no risk in it.


The theme of the game did not make by theme as own because they have not licensed the games of casinos and took help from the others. The design of the theme and layout are not too good but have some required symbols according to the market of the casino. Logos, icons, actors in the reels and slots are all of lower type.


If you get the information and detail of all the main functions and features in the slot like the Betting Range, payout, free spins, free rounds, RTP, multipliers, bonuses, and mini free games then you will not go to the side of this game. The makers of the game have to do a lot of work to make the market of casino games instead of a partnership.

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