Gambling is still

Gambling is still

Gambling is still not the right way to go for Atlanta, Georgia

Since its initiation, casino gaming in Georgia State has been performing poorly. Of late, leaders of the state have argued that the business had promised to increase the revenue collected by the state authorities but it seems that it is depriving day in day out.

Nonetheless, the assimilation of the downtown casino in Atlanta by the MGM Resorts International has revoked the bad believe about casino business in the state. The $1 billion worth casino has since then attracted more clients and has in turn raised the revenue collected. This attributed Gov. Nathan Deal, House Speaker David Ralston and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to commend the job done by MGM Resort in raising the betting activities in the state.

Looking at economic statistics, it can be seen that casinos usually offer low paying service jobs among them security personnel, dealers and waitress. This generally would not bring any prosperity but rather spawns a lot of despair.

Secondly, it can be deduced that casino markets are more often than not drenched. Many casinos will fight for clients as well as incomes from any facility that may be in existence. Despite being the most attracting casino in the industry, Metro Atlanta does not fulfill the duty of making gambling a tourist attraction.

Another notable thing is that those who play in local casinos rather than international casino such as Las Vegas are deemed to be low rollers. This means that the income generated by low bettors will be very little to earn the state government the required revenue.

It can be argued that bettors such as Grandma Betsy are shrinking and not actively involved in betting unlike a young and prospective person. More often than not, they tend to get tired fast and would be bored by slot gaming when exposed for a long time.

Many casinos do not attract any development. In most cases, the casino will be in a big room that houses everything a client needs. Be it a restraint, a bar, retail shops or any other amenity. This will definitely chase any one from initiating any business around a casino. This will bring the aspect of disincentives to economic growth.

The economic benefits of a casino are not reliable as bettors will wage very little and save the rest for domestic use and this would earn very little revenue to casinos. Generally, this forms a very poor form of betting.