Gambling destroys

Gambling destroys

Gambling destroys the lives of the young people

News about gambling stuns the parents and well wishers a lot that it is the youths who are being great victims for gambling. They lose a lot of money on gambling but they could not give it up as they become addicted to it. Gambling is a kind of addiction that controls the mind and regulates the person to be greed for money. Youths report to the journalist that initially they start gambling just for fun and to earn some money and later they become addicted as they could not get the thrill anywhere in anything.

After smoking and alcohols it is the gambling that imprisoned the minds of the young generation and without knowing how much it destroys their life they love to do it quite often. Loss after loss they go again for it as it entices their mind to earn bulk amount of money in this young age. The youths who are to be responsible in this time in this age forgets their identity, and considers gambling as an entertainment. Reporters say that there are multiple doors for the youths to get caught in to this trap and they indulge themselves to fill their pockets. But actually they could not understand that gambling empties their pocket and their life.

Initially the college going teens and adults yield themselves in to it to get for their survival and to earn for their daily expenses but later they lose all the money they have and still they dare to place the money on gambling. The fake promotions about gambling that many people have won thousands of dollars attracted them to earn much than they think but actually it is a huge loss for many youths than they imagined.

Countries started legalizing gambling to suppress the number of gambling centers since there are many gambling centers that houses offline and online gambling. The gambling centers have to pay a lump sum amount to the government for the license and also percentage of money from their profit. This is not possible for all the centers therefore there are chances that the gambling houses will be closed to an extent.

In countries like India it is reported that gambling has increased violence and assaults to a greater number than it was before the inception of gambling centers. The percentage of assaults among youths, crime rate and violence has been increased drastically. To suppress the crime rate caused by gambling the countries have to take serious steps to save the youths and the society. The youths are the back bone of the country usually every country says but to save the lives of the back bone of the country, they have to suppress the gambling activities in the country.