Galaxy Stars slot review

Galaxy Stars slot review

Galaxy Stars gives us 5×3 reels with 20 active lines. Up to 5,000x total stake is paid in the best rounds that it can deliver. Concerning the big features that they have implemented, those range from the Nexus win multiplier of up to 8x to the Lucky Star and its random wilds or the free Galaxy spins with Blazing Wilds. It sounds good the RTP of 96% is at the correct level not to be an issue, however I would not consider it an advantage either.

Betting and Prizes

The bets available to you will require the use of 20 coins with a starting value of about $0.25 per spin and maximum wager of up to $100.

Something to note about Galaxy Stars is that the slot is required to have high unpredictability and also risk for the casual player. It may take time before significant wins come your way or they probably won’t come by any stretch of the imagination. Some players will be fortunate and can leave with payouts of up to 5,000x the stake. A 96% RTP has been reported which is considered normal and good enough not to be an issue but not higher than what you find in most new games.

Galaxy Stars Slot Features

Wild images are involved and they appear in form of Sun on the reels. Obviously, they are to be used as substitutes being images that can be joined with any of the normal images to form new wins.

Series of wins carry with them higher Multiplier for the wins coming along these lines. It begins at 1x but then the Nexus brings multipliers of 3x, 5x and even 8x to apply to their worth.

The name of another feature that you may experience in this game is Lucky Star. It will give you somewhere between 3 and 6 additional wilds which are added randomly the reels.

Lastly, a feature which comprises of the standard free spins that you would have expected from any modern game, it is called the Galaxy spin. When this feature triggers, there will be 10 free spins available. An extra feature comes through Blazing Wilds. The wild images will currently be clingy on the reels but they will move towards the left side on a similar row until they leave the game territory. The Lucky Stars feature won’t be available in this mode since it would be excessively powerful.

Theme and Design

The story of Galaxy Stars ought to be a fun for those who love science fiction particularly as it’s been professionally implemented. A game where you truly feel like the commander of a ship that is exploring space and searching for another planet for humankind. You are looking at a space in the background while the reels get for the most part planets, stars and space bases and other things you would expect from such a game. There are some images with low value which have stripes on them but even those look appropriate for this slot.


The unpredictability is higher but so is the potential payout that the slot can deliver in a spin. Up to 5,000x the stake can be paid in a single spin and you also have good designs and decent features to look at. I can recommend the game because I enjoy playing it as well.