Gabriel Jesus impresses fans of football and footballers worldwide

Gabriel Jesus impresses fans of football and footballers worldwide

Gabriel Jesus is renowned after his efforts contributed a lot behind the victory of his team and Copa do Brasil. He has grasped the attention of footballers and fans of football worldwide by his distinctive game play and talent. He is the top scorer in the Campeonato Brasilerio with an objective to shine at the upcoming Olympics 2016.

Pep Guardiola is a successful professional football coach and the current manager of the Manchester City. He has called Gabriel Jesus and said that his career would the most favorable by the next move to the Etihad. Gabriel has joined the City for £28m.

Gabriel Jesus was raised on street football like his countrymen. He has participated in the local under-15 tournament and plundered 29 goals for his Amateur club Anhanguera. He had an agent when he was 15 years old. He took part in different football matches and won several cups. Many football fans invited Gabriel Jesus through their online petition for playing the final day of the football season.

The style of play of Gabriel Jesus is attention-grabbing beyond doubt. Gabriel Jesus is similar to his opponent team’s mates like Gabriel Barbosa, Neymar and Luan while playing all across the front line. He has expertise and experiences about how to link up with his team mates. He has begun playing in the middle and supported his team mates who seek space for playing wisely. He improved his footwork and movement day after day.

The main strengths of Gabriel Jesus are capable of outpacing every defender and being strong at all times. He glides into space easily when he stretches his legs because he is explosive. He is aware about the importance of very good positions and the overall knack for drifting into the desired space. He makes challenges for his opponents who try to pick up.

Gabriel Jesus is an inventive dribbler and confident whenever he beats his opponents in the ground on all sides. He is happy and eager to play in tight spaces. This is because he understands how a little contribution plays a leading role behind the success of his team. As a qualified team player, Gabriel Jesus supports his team mates and learns day after day. He has fans not only in his homeland, but also worldwide in recent times.

Every Brazilian at the club and Guardiola support Gabriel Jesus to develop his skills and enhance the overall game play confidently. This is because they know how a footballer has to be qualified to take part in the unusual league out of the country. Gabriel Jesus is a young footballer with talents and interests to play as professional as possible. He prefers his favorite game to play whenever he gets leisure.