Fulham vs. Chelsea Betting Review

Fulham vs. Chelsea Betting Review

The match is scheduled to place on the 16th of January among the two teams. Fulham needs more points than the opposition because it is in the 18th position on the time table. The premier league has entered into a crucial stage now. No one would like to lose any match. We know that Fulham has just 12 points after facing the opposition 17 times. They need a minimum of 2 wins in a row to make sure they place in the next round.

If we talk to the Chelsea side, then the playing XI has 26 points, 14 more than the opposite side. The number of matches remained the same in the past. On the other hand, Chelsea is one of the prominent sides in the league’s significant six teams.

Key Performances

Both sides have composed of some good players in it. But, the Fulham side is still struggling in the league. They failed to win a single match even after the start of the December of last year. All the players succeeded in posting the 13 goals that showed their poor performances in the 17 matches. In the last four games, the Fulham side claimed only one win, whereas they draw the other three matches. The experts of football are also worried about the low percentage of goals rather than the matches. If we check the statistics, the home side has won only four games from the eight contests.

Chelsea is one of the successful teams in the whole league. You know that all the players posted 34 goals in all the 17 games in the past. Moreover, that means that the average per match score is 2. That is very good in all the football competition. On the next side, the contenders can take advantage because they failed to win the match four times in the last five matches. Simultaneously, the team manager is still hopeful of doing something different from the last contest. The statistics also told us that the side could not win any match from 3, which played outside from home.

Betting Tips & Odds

The analysis cleared that the home side Fulham did not lose any match from the last five contests. It favored the team to raise more points in the coming game. One of Fulham’s important things also that the opposition failed to win a single match away from the home ground. If we check all the latest five games, both the side posted four goals.

Who will win the match?

It is not easy to announce the winning side of the match. We will talk only on behalf of facts and figures. The home side has more chances to win the match due to 1-0 in the upcoming versus the opposition.


No doubt, the Fulham side loosed a lot of matches in the premier league. But, the table showed that the ration of these kinds of matches is more which played outside. So, in own grounds, Fulham will carry the day but not too easy for them. The contenders have 16 points on the table, but most of them are on the home sides. So, the final result will come after the playing time.