The French of the Games launches a site of games on the eSports

The French of the Games launches a site of games on the eSports

The French of the Games is closer to more and more of the Movement eSports, evidence that the sector will be led to develop massively in France. The firm has announced the impending launch of only a site dedicated to the eSports, in partnership with the Swiss among SportRadar. This announcement follows that of the FDJ want to organize competitions eSports live in France.

The JDF does she want to monopolize the eSports in France?

The French of the Games enjoys a monopoly in France and, to this Title, knows that she can easily have a length of advance on some areas porters. After having declared its flame to the ESports, via the live competitions organized soon by the firm, the FDJ is now ready to launch a site of fictional games via its mark bet-eSports.

The new site will normally be Parions-Esport and propose to build with the money fictitious. It would seem a little crazy that the French company launches in the field if it had not the assurance of the next development of the eSports in France. It is true that everything seems to smile at this new sector since a few years and official actors in different jurisdictions are becoming more interested in it.

It is even possible that it has of the Competitions eSports to the next Olympic Games in 2024, that is to say.

The FDJ account more than 33 million customers in line and has the chance to enjoy a rare privilege in the Hexagon. It can affect a wide panel of players and has a large weight in the industry. Obviously, the operation of the site will be fairly simple, to begin. Each connection will allow players to pocket 50 points, that it can use to bet on games the most popular video (Counter-Strike : Global Offensive – CS:GB, Hearthstone, League of legends or Call of Duty). These points can then be exchanged in the gift shop of the site.

The ARJEL could in the future to regulate this activity and allow the obtaining of license to all companies wishing to participate in the eSports. One thing is sure, if the FDJ invests in the field is that it has an interest in the long term.