Frank Walter spoke about football

Frank Walter spoke about football

Posted on June 7, 2024 by in Football
San Jose Earthquakes vs Los Angeles Football Club Review - 9th August

Frank Walter spoke about football – Ramos with few words about the bad game on Bernabeu.

“And we saw that we are interested in football”

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier for the first time since the attacks in Paris, spoke about what happened at the stadium in Paris.

German Foreign Minister was at the stadium where they played a friendly game of football teams of France and Germany during the attack.

He said that he thought that it was firecrackers when he heard the first explosion, but soon realized it was a terrorist attack.

“We saw the smoke, and initially I thought were irresponsible fans threw firecrackers,” he said in an interview with Bild Steinmeier, recalling that fateful November 13. Steinmeier at the stadium sat next to French President Francois Hollande erupted when two explosions . Hollande was “shocked, but at the same time very focused and determined,” said Sstajnmajer, AFP reported. When Oland, Steinmeier learn to third bomber blew up near the stadium, have wondered whether viewers would, in these circumstances, should find out about it and whether they should terminate the match. Information about the attacks were coming “every two minutes”, and Hollande, Steinmeier got up from their seats to talk, but the security guards asked them to return to places that would not showed any sign of nervousness. “When we heard of the attacks in Paris, nobody knew how the night would end. I was very worried,” said German Foreign Minister. Oland soon left the stadium, but since Steinmeier and his team asked to stay. After half “we are back in their seats 45 minutes pretended as if we were interested in the game,” said Steinmeier.

In an addition to this we have Ramos with few words about the last humiliating game.

Barcelona on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu run over the “Royal Club” 4:0. Catalans to go on their own at the head of the table with 30 points, six more than Madridistas

Spanish soccer player insists that his team works in astavku season to try to make amends with their fans and to the players in this most difficult time.

“We have to ask the fans for forgiveness for our wrong party. We did not play as the game for Real. We have a chance to redeem ourselves in the coming months. Words are cheap. Supporters of Real Madrid want deeds, not words. We, the team, we are angrier than anyone, because this was a match in which we had the opportunity to become leaders in the standings. That football mathematics, then it would always go according to plan, ” said Ramos.

Real Madrid are working hard on their next game in the champion’s league where they will try to do their best and forget the humiliating result that happened to them in their last match against Barcelona.

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