France, Switzerland

France, Switzerland

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Football

France, Switzerland secure passage; Albania’s historic victory over Romania

The knockout rounds have always been for the teams that completed in the top two positions made up of a four-team group in either the 32-nation World Cup or the European Championship. This has been the case for the past 20 years. There has been an increase to up to 24 teams which has led to the drop of a single team in the Euro 2016; this has been a procedure that has simple to comprehend. In the last two decades teams performing up to the 16th round have been neglected. The team that will finish in the third place this time round will have a chance in the Euro 2016. This is because the four best teams in the Euros will be proceeding this time round.

Albania was among the first of the teams to complete in third place. This was after the finishing of Group A earlier on Sunday. However, they will have to be patient until Wednesday when they will find out whether they will be proceeding to the next stage or they will have to go home, this will be after the completion of the group stage. The teams playing on Wednesday that is Group E and F will have a good opportunity of knowing the results they will need to be able to go against their opponents in the next stage. Teams are mostly hoping to finish in third place so that they play against an easier opponent. This has been since 1994 when the United States had the World Cup or the European Championship play in that manner.

France 0 dr Switzerland 0

In the Euro 2016, France who were hosting the championship came in the first position. They were playing for Group A and Paul Pogba managed to come through the loss. France scored 0-0 against Switzerland in the match that was held in Lillie on Sunday. This game had players using a poor quality pitch and Switzerland’s shirts were been ripped open with the ball they were playing with splitting open. This ended in a well-situated finish that caused the Swiss to join Didier Deschamp’s France in the final 16.

There were alleged debates brought forth by Pogba who tried his best to hold light on the various proceedings as did Dimitri Payet who was a French substitute and entered late in the game.

Albania 1 d Romania 0

Albania came first in a game between them and Romania, where they managed to score 1-0 against Romania. This happened on Sunday causing their opponent to be eliminated. Albania was able to come above Romania in the group positioning into third place. They will however have to be patient as they wait to be told whether they will proceed to the 16th round. This will be made aware to them in the group stage of the Euro 2016.

Albania had their first goal scored by Armando Sadiku in the 43rd minute. This was one of the first goals scored in the international competition by Albania.

Other news

As England soccer fans prepare to arrive in the French town, various bars in Saint-Etienne have been closed down in an effort to prevent violence. This is to stop the scene that happened at the start of the Euro 2016 tournament from happening again. There has been banning of glasses and takeaway alcohol and the opening hours in local bars in France have been reduced. The new rules are already been conformed to as bar staff pack chairs and secure tables before fans descend for the Group B game between Slovakia on Monday.

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