Fouls and violations of basket ball game

Fouls and violations of basket ball game

Basketball is a team sport. There are two teams each of which are played with 5 players. Basket ball should be played to post the ball in the net or hoop placed at a height of 10 feet. It is played on a rectangular place called court. Both the teams are separated by a mid court line. The player should pass or drip the ball using his arms rather than any other parts of the body to the opposite hoop.

The team having ball is called offense team and the opposing team is called defense team. The defense team has to take the ball without doing illegal activities and to make the goal to score points. The team wills 3 points when the goal is made from 3 line court otherwise they get 2 points and the ball is now passed to the other team. There is also a free throw given to the team which committed acceptable foul. The free throw earns one point for the team depending on the place of the shooter or the type of the foul. If the player commit foul behind the 3 point line then he will be given free throws. Other fouls are not come under this free throw. The player will be given 1 and 1 opportunity when he reached a certain number during free throws. If the player makes it first free throw then he get the second throw otherwise the ball will be live on the rebound.

The fouls may be of many types they are personal foul, Flagrant foul, intention foul and technical foul. The personal foul involves any illegal physical contact during the play. It includes hitting, pushing, slapping, holding and illegal pick or screening. The personal foul has 4 penalties namely, 3 free throws, inbounds, one and one and the last one is two free throws. The flagrant foul deals with the violent contacts like kicking, hitting or punching the opponent. The penalties included in this foul are three free throws with the player who committed the foul have to retain their possession of the ball after the free throws. The intention foul deals with the player who makes the contact with their opponent without any reason to steal the ball i.e. in intention to get the ball. This foul will call for officials to judge it. The technical foul deals with the manners or the behavior of the player or coach who are showing any unwanted gestures, languages, obscenity and even arguing with the other person. It also includes improper filling of scorebooks or dunking during warm-ups.

Other than foul, the players also been warned when they violate the rules. The violation includes travelling/walking, carrying/palming, double dripping, goal tenting, time restriction, held ball, backcourt violations and some other. The players have to play to defend goal. The game is divided into sections, each sections has two halves. Between the halves there will be a break time. The goal is switched between the teams for every half time.

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