Fortress Charge Casino Game Review

Fortress Charge Casino Game Review

Fortress Charge Casino game has all the unique functions and features in it. It scheduled to release in May 2020. All the gamblers are waiting to catch the real jackpot from this slot machine. Fortress Charge consisted of reels information, betting range, pay-lines, payout and RTP. We have searched many contents before to give the exact details on the casino game. The role of hero and villain showed the symbols of a movie.

Fortress Charge slot machine can use to play as online. The smartphone is a powerful tool to increase the users of gambling towards the slot machine. Online betting is an excellent opportunity for new players in the casino. Gambling is not available for the children. It is a risk not a real. You must have to know that any action in the slot machine is working decrease amount from your pocket.

Functions in the Slot Machine

Fortress Charge has six reels in the slot machine and only three pay-lines. The amount of RTP will not decrease for a player. You have a chance to win all the prizes in the absence of progressive jackpot.  High volatility and wilds symbols posted more bonuses and free games for wagers and gamblers. It showed that game covered a tiny area. All the jackpot result depended upon the action of the player.

Betting Range and Payout

The location of betting will not change on a smartphone or at casino screen in a fixed station. The range of betting started from only $0.10 to the $15. This amount is helpful for all the gamblers. The new players of the casino can also get advantage from the lower pairs of betting coins. The developer’s added the only amount of RTP that is 96%.  There is 1500x jackpot at the end of the game and free spins among the multipliers. We cannot ignore the working of wilds and scatter symbols.    

How to Play Fortress Charge Game?

The mechanics of game took from Crazy Tooth Studio, which is a good thing to get more attraction of users. The role of the 3rd row and one is vital for a better payout. Reel Quest will fall on these reels to make the combinations and pairs for getting the highest prize. You can also get free spins and games from this character.  From the alternate option, we can gather all the required symbols in one place. A gambler can get maximum 16x multipliers from 2x like a considerable payout. Online and offline betting always rely on the risk and behaviour of casino game. We ever tried to leave exact information for the views to gain maximum return.

If a gambler handled the symbols of lower values very well, then no one can stop him from winning the maximum payout at the final time of the game. The fight of hero and enemy will give many multipliers and free spins. The option of wilds symbols and games always remained on the priority for the gamblers of the casino. You have to win in the slot machine by applying a different kind of methods on him. Here is the detail of the theme of the game.

The Theme of Slot Machine

The theme of the game is prevalent. Microgaming used these kinds of issues in the past. Medieval theme wills enough to attract the users of casino. The symbols of snakes, pikes and ogres make the theme very charming among the others. They did not compromise on the quality of layout and design. Unfortunately, they failed to add all the required functions into the game. We hope that manufacturers will think after the result of the play. People liked to play high profile casino games.


The functions in the slot machine did not borrow from other makers of casino products. The presence of high volatility and RTP made the slot very good for the casino market. I suggest to gamblers to choose this game for better result and payout. The small area and symbols will help you to draw more and more prizes. Children must stay away from it. The role of wilds and regular symbols favoured the users also.