Formula 1 Online Betting

Formula 1 Online Betting

I am sure this is one the most unpopular sport among bettors because of the difficulty in deciding on who to place a bet on. Picture a scenario where you all have professional drivers with on point vehicles meaning that their conditions such as acceleration, braking and all the associated competing gear are well equipped. This means that a driver has to rely on the errors of the other to win a race. Sometimes mechanical faults also come into view. Honestly assessing this is one of the sports which have no favorite.

However, there are some technicalities that a bettor can find useful in making decisions. The form of the driver, how the qualifications round went through and not forgetting how the weather and driving track conditions are. These are important in assessing how the confidence of the drivers is which is very key and also enable you to decide from your research who thrives well in particular conditions.

With all that said, there are wagers that you can conveniently place. Formula 1 online betting has provisions that include:

  1. Race Winners: bet on who you think from all the drivers will come out first. As earlier pointed out, this is the trickiest bit so it is in order for me to wish you good luck here.
  2. Quickest lap time: whom do you think will post the quickest time going round the racing area. This might be a little bit easier if you have your statistics right.
  • Top three: also known as the podium finish, just as the name dictates state your first three drivers.
  1. Points finish: you are provided with a chance to predict the first eight drivers.
  2. Number of those that will complete the race: this is also an option because as history tells or we could say it is the nature of the game that mostly not all who start will see the race to its end because of accidents or motor related hiccups.
  3. Winning distance: try your hand by predicting the distance in between the first two drivers.


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