Football players

Football players

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Football

Football players who hated football in the past

While some children and teenagers living devote balls and then they realize they are not talented enough for that job, and will never become like their football idol, there are those who are outstanding players, but not great for geeks “forcing the ball on the grassy carpet “as our grandmothers like to say.

Yes, there are those for which an ordinary job.

In sports, but now we are talking about football, it’s a little different. The money is too good to stop to argue about what you do not enjoy enough, you were devoted to life and that generally you do not acquire any other formal knowledge and skills, and in the “worst case scenario” remains a big part of your life after which you will rest from football and spending the money that you earned during his career.

There are many more players who have not enjoyed the football from those who have made it public. Contempt for the public, the envy of other young men who are so loved football, and they were not good enough to belong to it, and mandatory “label” that would ensue after such announcements influenced the kind of thing and mostly kept quiet.

But there are those who do not care about that, and in their interviews, some involuntarily, said that football does not meet them on the way they had hoped.

There are different, and the list of top players will not rank at the level of the love you feel for football, stuff like that is impossible to classify, but we will only list.

There is no universal reason why someone does not like football, there are different: some do not like to watch other teams play soccer, some have been an abomination to just practice, while some disappointed in the atmosphere that football brings.


Brazilian miracle, a football player who is at the moment probably the three best players in the world, has surprised almost confession that is not so much related to football. Selfishness, or is something else at stake, he said in a recent interview that he does not know exactly either play Real Madrid, which he obviously was not a problem at the last “El Classico”, when he was the shooter.

“I do not watch the match Real Madrid. I do not like to watch the other teams. I do not enjoy it. I just do not like to watch football games when you do not play for Barcelona,” Neymar said in an interview with Sports Bein.

Of course, to distance ourselves, we mentioned at the beginning that there are different reasons listed players do not like football, Neymar and therefore relates to watching football matches of other teams. And not only one, but the most recent example. Per game on the ground it would be to enjoy every moment you spend playing football.

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