Football Ground

Football Ground

The great battle occurred in the football ground in the recent tournament of Euro 2016

Euro cup is the most important match which is been conducted by in the football match and it is the match which is highly expected by most of the people. There is a very serious news which is been related to the Euro 2016 and it is about Russia.

Serious battle

People may have heard about the running battles which took place in the streets of the Marseille. It is the very serious battle which throws out the Russia face and it is because of the UEFA. The very serious matter is due to the slap. The total Russia face was been thrown away out and the problem is going on still now. The players are summoned to pay the fine for about 150,000 and this made the players move to great trouble. The trouble was also enhanced to a very greater extent as the players were suspended and they were also disqualified from the Euro 2016. This made them lose their great dream in the Euro football match in this year. This happened before the drawn match which is mentioned as 1 – 1 in the football match. This draw match was between the England and the trouble continued until the end of the stadium of the football.

Fans and their violence

The great fans of the Russia highly got tensed and they greatly stormed at the fans of the England. This happened on the ground of the stadium itself and this then followed the last – gasp equalizer. The fans were very much tensed and they made many of the people run to the safety places due to their terrible and violent practice.

All the higher authorities attended the meeting in the Paris in order to deal with this particular case and they finally imposed the fine on the players. This made the players fall in great grief and the players also felt very bad to pay such a huge fine amount to the authorities of the Euro 2016. This is an incident which is found to be very much unforgettable one and it is also like a lesson for many other teams who are going to face the upcoming matches in the Euro 2016. The players were not only given fine, they were also disqualified from the match and it made them fall totally in great grief. The players think that it is the fine amount is found to be plenty and it is the highest penalty which is ever paid in the football history.

Regarding the suspension, the UEFA authorities have explained that this suspension will prevail till the end of the tournament in football. In the starting of this month, they also gave warnings to the England and the Russian team as they will surely be thrown away if they follow this practice again.