Football fans

Football fans

Posted on June 18, 2024 by in Football

Football fans were caught shirtless in the stadium

Everyone knows the Euro 2016 tournament has started and few matches have been completed. Since day one, many interesting things have happened and every media has covered it. In the same way, ITV has released some of the pictures of football fans in the stadium during Northern Ireland match.

Some of the Ukrainian fans were caught shirtless in the stadium and their body art is the main thing about which everyone is talking. They were having Swastika tattoos in their chests.

Though it is a common symbol which is used as a religious symbol in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, it is been banned in many countries. The main reason is this symbol was used by Nazi Party in the World War -1. Those it is considered that people those who are having such symbols in their bodies are violent.

Hence when the media has covered those people everyone was shocked. But one two members were having that symbol in their bodies. The other people standing near them do not have swastika symbol. They were just shirtless. However the fans get to know that they are being noticed therefore they wore their shirts after that.

Once these images were released in the TV and internet sites, ITV mentioned that they did not release the pictures with any intention. These people have been covered when the channel casually covered all the fans in the stadium.

The channel declares the images only since they are shirtless. Therefore they do not want to take the responsibility for any issues. However, no one knows why the fans had that symbol in their body.

When this was happened in one side, the match was very aggressive and both the teams were battling against each other.

In the 56th minute, the game reached its exciting point. The green army has scored one goal and was leading in the game. Gareth McAuley is the one who scored that brilliant goal. Since the players were very forceful to score goals, the referee Pavel kralovec give a break to both teams.

In fact, it was needed to relax the players and bring them back to the field. Northern Ireland team again scored a goal and finish the match like 2-0. Hence the team is qualified from the Group C.

Ukraine has to play against Poland next week and it will be like their derby. Therefore the team has to win the game if they want to sustain with good points in the tournament. However, Ukraine’s lost disappointed their fans very much but they are hoping that the team will perform well in the upcoming match.

On the other end, Northern Ireland fans are delighted with the victory of their beloved team. The qualification of the team has made them even happier.

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