Football continues across

Football continues across

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Football

Football continues across the Ocean, few words about Klopp

Just after the end decisive clashes in the Champions League and then the Europa League, the world football stage moved to Japan where from 10 to 20 December at the 12th World Cup for clubs, which will be the title of the best on the planet fight seven clubs.

In addition to the host, Jay champions league, the tournament will be winners and Champions League of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and North and Central America, as well as the winner of the Copa Libertadores, such as Hiroshima, River Plate, Barcelona, Gwangju, TP Mazembe , America and Oakland.

In a privileged position like every season the winner of the Copa Libertadores River and the current winner of the Champions League to Barcelona. They start from the semi-finals of the competition, which is scheduled for December 16 and 17.

But already, as tomorrow (11:45, TV Arena Sport) at the stadium in Yokohama, Hiroshima and out of Auckland, who will play a so-called play-off to enter the quarter-finals, where they put African champion TP Mazembe.

Quarter skirmishes play in Osaka on December 13, and in addition to the details on the program and orkšaj between Mexican American and Chinese Guangzhou Evergrandea. The winner of this duel in the semifinals on 17 December will rival Barcelona, while the winner of the previous pair of legs on the day before River.

The most trophies in the competition’s history, which began in 2000, with Barcelona and Corinthians, who had twice been champions, so this time the Catalans have the opportunity to win more trophies.

Finally, final and match for third place will be played on December 20 in Yokohama.

Let’s take a few moments and see what the Southampton manager Koeman has to say about the new coach of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp and who his team is shining this season again. Liverpool was not playing the football they were offering their fans over a decade ago, and it seems that the time is coming back, with Liverpool managing to score 6 goals in a single match after more than 10 years.

Southampton on Wednesday, beaten at home by Liverpool (6: 1), in the quarterfinals of Champions Cup, the manager of “saints” was thrilled game by Jurgen Klopp brought in Liverpool.

“Jurgen Klopp emphasized real attacking football. It is football that the fans want to see. Liverpool is an exception to the biggest clubs in the Premier League. Clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City do not dare to play real attacking football, but waiting for the opponents mistakes. Like you do not want to be dominant and take the initiative, despite the quality that they have, “said Koeman, quoted by Sky Sports.

Liverpool currently occupies seventh place in the standings with 23 points won, and the team with the Anfield achieved seven victories in eight matches.

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