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“We know we have to do something that is better than anything that was done in comedies. can not be worse, “says Ashton Kutcher, while playing clutching an empty bottle of water. Anxiety about the release of his big bet seems difficult to control for this figure of Hollywood that is too accustomed to success. The guy is a true star, chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, according to Time magazine, and one of the most powerful celebrity by Forbes. It has an extensive career in television and film, but now with this new job, knows he is risking a lot.

In a new platform, with some changes to the classical structure of the sitcom and a major investment, “The Ranch” series that debuts Netflix and which Kutcher especially came to Buenos Aires, has nothing to do with what he did until now. Perhaps that fear of failure is what explains his sleeping face and seriousness on his face.

Dressed in black trousers, white shirt and gray sweater, he entered the comfortable lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel accompanied by his troop of women, responsible for assisting any of their interests. He waved, appeared (as if necessary): “Hi, I’m Ashton” and then gave rise to his sidekick, Danny Masterson. He is the co-star in the series and a friend of years Kutcher. Together they took their first steps in that success was “That 70’s Show,” which quickly catapulted to fame and that became close companions. Almost a decade later they decided to get together for this project. “We had great success with ‘That 70’s …’ but we are not thinking too much about it. You try to do things the best you can and we are not worried about what happened before. But yes, we want something better, “Masterson analyzes.

How you handled that pressure?

‘The business changed and people have different ways to consume entertainment, there are many ways to have fun, there is much competition with Facebook, social networks, other programs, video games … All I can do is try to create something that is valuable for 30 minutes, and we point to that because it’s all we can do. Today, Netflix is a new channel that sees people who behave like any normal person, the public sees something actually happens.That’s what this program is, it is the evolution of sitcoms.

In “The Ranch” it is quite Kutcher sees life when his name was still not Ashton, but Chris (decided to change it when he started in the media) and his story seemed very distant to the millions who today account. A family in crisis because the family business does not work and Colt (Ashton’s character) who, after failing in the world of football, returns home with the mood on the floor. His father put him to work immediately on the ranch devalued. In real life the actor had to work from an early age, especially in field work and the family was marked by health problems of his twin brother, Michael. In addition, while studying, Ashton played football at school.