Football Betting Guide for Beginners

Football Betting Guide for Beginners

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Football
Football Betting Guide for Beginners

Football is a game of unpredictable twists and turns, which makes it an exciting sport to bet on. Betting on football games has become increasingly popular, thanks to the accessibility of online betting platforms and the global popularity of the sport. If you’re new to football betting, it can seem daunting, but this comprehensive guide will break it down and help you start placing your bets with confidence.

Football Betting

Before diving into placing bets, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of football betting. There are various types of bets that you can place in football. These range from simple bets, like predicting the winner of a match (1X2 bet), to more complex ones, like guessing the exact score at the end of a game.

1. Match Result (1X2)

This is the most straightforward type of bet you can place on a football match. Here, “1” stands for a home team win, “X” stands for a draw, and “2” stands for an away team win.

2. Total Goals (Over/Under)

In this type of bet, you wager on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under a specified number.

3. Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Here, you bet on whether both teams will score at least one goal in a match.

4. Double Chance

This bet covers two out of three possible outcomes: “1X” means the home team wins or the match is a draw, “X2” means the away team wins or it’s a draw, and “12” means either team wins.

5. Correct Score

This bet involves predicting the exact score at the end of a match. This bet can be quite difficult to get right, but it often offers higher odds due to its difficulty.

Reading Football Betting Odds

Odds are essentially a reflection of the probability of a certain outcome occurring. They also determine how much money you can win from a bet. There are three formats of odds: fractional (British), decimal (European), and moneyline (American).

1. Fractional Odds

These are represented with a slash or a hyphen. For example, if the odds for a team winning are 3/1, this means if you bet £1 and your team wins, you’ll win £3 plus your original £1 stake.

2. Decimal Odds

Decimal odds include the original stake in the potential winnings. For example, if you bet £1 at odds of 4.00, you will receive £4 in total returns (£3 in winnings, plus your original £1 stake) if your bet is successful.

3. Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds can be positive or negative. Positive odds represent the amount you could win from a $100 bet, while negative odds show how much you need to bet to win $100.

Creating a Betting Strategy

Creating a successful football betting strategy requires research, understanding the game, and patience. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Analyzing Team Performance

Before placing a bet, evaluate the performance of the teams involved. Consider factors such as current form, head-to-head record, injuries, and the significance of the match to each team.

2. Bankroll Management

Decide on the amount you’re willing to risk and stick to it. Don’t chase losses and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

3. Shopping Around for Best Odds

Different betting platforms offer different odds for the same event. Always look around to find the best odds to maximize potential returns.

4. Avoid Betting on Your Favorite Team

Emotions can cloud judgment. Betting on your favorite team might not always be the best choice, as you might ignore their weaknesses.

Risks and Rewards of Football Betting

While football betting can be an exciting way to enhance your engagement with the sport, it also carries potential risks. It’s important to be aware of these risks, including the possibility of losing money and the risk of problem gambling. On the flip side, the rewards can be substantial, including the potential for significant financial gain and the enjoyment of testing your football knowledge.


Football betting is a mix of luck, skill, and strategy. It’s not just about knowing the game, but understanding the odds, managing your bankroll, and making calculated decisions. With patience and careful strategy, you can navigate the world of football betting successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is football betting legal?

The legality of football betting depends on your location. In some countries, like the UK, it’s legal and regulated. In the US, the legality varies by state. Always ensure you’re betting legally by checking the rules in your jurisdiction.

2. How can I start betting on football?

You can start by choosing a reputable online betting site, signing up for an account, depositing funds, and then placing your bets.

3. What does a +200 moneyline mean in football betting?

A +200 moneyline means that if you bet $100 and your team wins, you’ll receive $200 in winnings, in addition to your original $100 stake.

4. How can I increase my chances of winning football bets?

Improving your chances of winning involves research, understanding the game, making informed decisions, and effective bankroll management.

5. What should I do if I think I have a gambling problem?

If you think you have a gambling problem, seek help immediately. There are many organizations, like GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous, that provide support for people struggling with gambling addiction.

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