Football Betting lately has become something different

The football world again stained with the shadow of the intrigues in the betting. It is not the first time that professional sport is dotted by complaints relating to sports betting. A former bookmaker denounces corruption in Spanish football, “from first to 2nd B and Tercera ‘complaint.

A few months ago BuzzFeed and the BBC uncovered a web of intrigues in the world of professional tennis. The sports betting have become a very profitable business for the mafias half the world. Professional sports begins to look very closely at this type of activity does not end up trying to pollute the entire competition. Football does not escape this trend has already seen have come to light several cases,

It is very difficult, because there are many eyes watching, but it does. And not only sports arrangements season finale

The newspaper ‘ jackpot bet online‘ interviewed ‘Jorge’, the pseudonym of a former broker professional betting, experience and information about years now, since recently, has begun to work for for a sportsbook trying to detect this type of fraud. Coldly, ‘Jorge’ confesses that there are intrigues in first division: “It’s very difficult, because there are many eyes watching, but it becomes And not only sports arrangements season finale. . Arrangements for money and in November this year, for example, I had information from various parties . ”

Although if there is a category where such actions reign is the third division of Spanish football. According stated in the interview: “Last year, on the last day of Tercera, 180 matches I had information about 20 amaños If you put that at least 40% of the matches were rigged on the last day not you. mistaken. the last fever are the corners. it’s a genius. ”

” This is the last fever and is harmless to the result, why not sing so much. In the Third Valencian, has been players betting that his team had 14 corners in the first half. And they did. With an account, in Third in the bigger house, you can win with corners in a game 8,000 euros. If you move four counts, win 32,000. the players are conchaban. you can bet before kick – off, but also during the game itself, as well limit what you can win bet is 10 times higher. there’s the money. If you’re going to win 30,000, you spend 30% on the players. so when the players reach the field, some go to the wardrobe of others and

According to the respondent, betting “opened hand, though still closing accounts in some cases, when it is very cantoso. They know perfectly well that dozens of games are rigged each day, but do not report and let their customers bet. The Federation also nothing. in two years, Third and Second B to some extent have rotted, “he says.

The market is never wrong. If a team has a chance and one other bets must answer this

” In my current role, which I monitor weird things all over the world, sometimes we get an alert on a match of the Spanish League, a bet in Singapore, for example, that exceeds many millions of dollars the average of any party First, it is about 15 million euros. this indicates that something is dirty. the market is never wrong. If a team has a chance and one other bets must respond to this. But eye, Asian houses does not mean they are in Asia, means playing the Asian handicap. The most important of these, for example, is Pinacle, based in Panama , “said Jorge ‘currently working trying to uncover all such cases.

‘The Asian handicap’ is a form of betting in which the bettor bid for the possibility that there are as many or more goals. For example, if the bet is 2.5 goals, the bettor wins if the two teams contesting the match score 3 goals or more. According to ‘George’ is a very complicated when betting mode. “No apostéis. We desplumaríamos. The bank always end up winning.”